Downtown Doubler 15k


Phew! The Downtown Doubler was probably one of the toughest races I've done, at least mentally. I really had no expectations going into it because there were so many variables leading up to it -- the fact that I haven't been really really training since May; the fact that the most I've run at one time since June was 7 miles, and I'm pretty sure that was only once... maybe twice; the fact that we were shooting a wedding 1.5 hours away in Kentucky the night before and I had no idea what time we'd be done or how much sleep I'd be able to get -- that I had no idea how it would turn out. But I've been wanting to do it since I heard about it over the summer so I went ahead and signed up! Even if I did wait until the very last day of "early registration" (Wednesday) to do so.

I was a little bit nervous. Half of me knew I could do it and the other half of me was all dude, why the heck did you sign up for a 9.3 mile race?! even if you CAN do it, that's still a crazy long distance that you haven't run in a really long time!!

But I think I'm in a new place now as a runner -- I've run a half marathon before, so it's no longer a question of if I can do it. I know I can do it. Now it's about pushing myself to become better and faster and stronger as a runner and to jump over those mental obstacles that seem to get in the way. So I paid my 35 dollars and no matter how much I have or have not been training or how much sleep I was or was not able to get the night before, I was going to run 9.3 miles on Sunday morning. (luckily, we were able to get home from the wedding at 10pm so I was able to get a decent amount of sleep.)

I met up at the start of the race with my "Twitter friends," some I'd met before and some I hadn't -- @mudd4goals, @MikeCampbellCFO, @robbenefiel, and @Sergeim105... and of course @ericathomas but she was working the registration table, not running! :( Several of my "non-Twitter" friends were running too, so I had several people there for motivation!

We soon lined up for the start of the race and off we went! I tried to break the race up into three 5k's. The first one was probably the hardest. The first 2 miles were pretty straight and boring with not much going on. My legs were heavy, probably from weight training on Friday and standing for several hours on Saturday to shoot the wedding. It was difficult to find my groove but once I got to around mile 3, some of the faster runners had already made the turn-around so I was able to see a lot of my friends which was pretty cool and helped a lot!


Miles 3-5 went by pretty quickly (I love it when that happens!) which was a relief after the first two miles, and I couldn't believe I was already at mile 6.

Two 5k's down, one to go.

Picnik collage
Around mile 7 my knee was starting to kill me.


Miles 8 and 9 slowly ticked away and I was finally nearing the finish!

Apparently someone thought it would be fun to have the 30k finish line before the 15k finish line, so as I was coming upon the 30k finish I thought I was done, but.... nope.


Luckily, the 15k finish was just around the corner and I gunned it!


Overall, I have mixed feelings about this race... kind of like I did before the race. On one hand, I'm just happy to have finished the race feeling good (besides my knees), since even though I knew I could finish the race, I wasn't sure how easy it would be. On the other hand, I wish I would have pushed myself harder. Of course, I'm not sure how much harder I could have pushed because my legs were sore and my knees were killing, but after I sprinted to the finish I felt like I had more left. Hate it when that happens.

Oh well.

It was a good morning for a race and great to have so many of my friends running it too!


And the support of my Coach and my momma (not pictured!) Love you guys!!

Downtown Doubler 15k
September 19, 2010

Distance: 9.3 miles
Time: 1:42:10
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