it's here! it's here!


fall, that is. autumn.
and it could quite possibly be my most favorite time of the year.
pretty leaves, crisp air, pumpkin patches & haunted houses, pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, colorful cardigans... oh, i'm so excited!
i'm also super excited that with fall comes wonderful running weather! i've only been waiting for this day since like may.

the photo above was taken last weekend when we were in small town, kentucky to photograph logan and jennifer's wedding! we got there early and after a quick run-down of the day with the groom we were starving! he informed us that the nearest restaurant was 10 miles away.... where, apparently, their town mascot is a bee. which was actually quite fitting for me and my mr. b.

bee town

we also pretty much loved this place:


the exhaust and hair connection.
for your convenience when your muffler goes out and you need your hair done.
gotta love small towns :)

jennifer and logan's wedding was beautiful and we're so thankful they allowed us to be a part of their special day.... be looking for a preview from their wedding on the blog this week!!! :)

fall makes me happy, weddings make me happy, and here's some other stuff that's been making me happy lately (aka more pieces from our art gallery...)

fresh sun flowers.
just something about a sunflower that is so happy!


little kosmo admiring the moon.


decorating bird houses for josh's nieces and nephew.


venti iced non-fat white mocha.
my favorite starbucks to start off my day!


fun photo shoots with good friends (and their extended family!)
and finding fun new locations you didn't even know where there.. like this sandy little beach-like area below....


thanks taylor, we had so much fun! this is just a teeny tiny little preview.. we have tons to edit! i'll post more soon :)


i spent the afternoon with mandy and baby avery on friday... unfortunately no new pictures (i know, i can't believe it either), but apparently after i spend hours holding a tiny sleeping baby, i'm in such a good mood that my boyfriend questions his sister as to if she gave me crack. baby crack, i guess. i love that little baby. even if she did sleep the whole entire time i was there.

and some other things.
like spending the day shopping with my momma.
putting little "spookies" all around the house for fall/halloween.
warm chocolate fudge brownies with a cold glass of milk.
and morning runs in the cool air that end with my baby boy greeting me with kisses.


so anyway.
i've been happy lately.
good things all around.
and much love.

happy fall!

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