panic attack.


i just registered for my september race.
the downtown doubler 15k.
which takes place this sunday.
i really have no idea why, but for some reason it just has me so nervous.
i think it's because i haven't run more than 7 miles at a time since before june.
so a 9.3 mile race seems like a really big one.
plus we are photographing a wedding on saturday night a couple hours away, so who knows what time i'll actually be able to go to bed.
i think that's the biggest thing.
cause it starts at 7:30am!!!!!!
but -- i love races.
and i'm supposed to run 9 miles for my long run this weekend anyway.
so, we'll see how it goes.
luckily it's a 15k OR a 30k, so some people will be running the loop twice which means i definitely won't be the last one finished :)
plus a lot of my twitter friends will be there!
and i feel better already just writing about it.
i know i can do it.

other than that, half marathon training round 2 has been going pretty well. i've been doing my speed work with josh which has helped a TON! he pushes me to go faster than i'd go alone and encourages me when i get tired. last night i had to do 2x1200m and 3x800m intervals. the first two .75 repeats were killer and after my first half mile interval i was pretty much done. it was hot, i was exhausted, and my legs were heavy from doing weights the day before. but he pushed me and i got it all done! felt great afterwards too! (thanks coach!!!)

here's to hoping this weekend goes well.
happy hump day!