The Return of Mr. Balloon Man

September around here means birthdays. My mom's, my dad's, supposed to have been mine (but I picked July instead), both of my grandmas', my uncle's, my childhood cat...

So this weekend we celebrated my favorite person in the whole world's birthday: my momma.


She's not much of a partier, so the celebration was nothing incredibly fancy, but we still did it up right. A grilled steak dinner and cake of course. And a very special balloon.


It was the return of the Balloon Man. Actually, it's not so much a return as it is he never left. This balloon was leftover from my birthday. On my birthday it got stuck in the fan and lost its string so it's been floating near the ceiling in front of the fireplace since early July. Kind of like a watchful big brother hovering over us and watching our every move. We were beginning to wonder what kind of magic helium was used to fill it until it finally starting deflating on Friday.... and therefore, started to pop up in unexpected places all over the house.


Like greeting you by the front door.


And then we were doing a photo shoot in the back yard and, I kid you not, noticed it watching from the upstairs window. Hilarious.

It also still likes the fan and decided to become the center of attention during this photo op with mom & Kosmo...

balloon man

...sending the dogs into a frenzy with all that balloon-hitting-the-fan noise. Well, actually mostly just Rudi because while Kosmo is still a little shy around Balloon Man and Tobey could care less, our biggest dog is the biggest baby and cowers with his tail between his legs at the sight of him.

Balloon Man didn't get any cake though because as much as he wished it was, the day was not about him.


(the cake is a "dreamsicle cake" which is a delicious healthier-option recipe...
you use white cake mix and 12oz of any flavor of diet soda; orange for the dreamsicle but we also like mountain dew. the diet soda replaces the eggs and oil. bake at 350 for 20 minutes. use fat free cool whip for the icing!)

My favorite shots from our backyard photo shoot mentioned earlier...


Josh took these to get some practice with some REALLY BIG lights that his boss let him borrow for a wedding that we're shooting this weekend! They're really cool, but you'll go blind if you look directly at them.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mom! I love you and I hope this is your best year yet!!

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