4 miles.


Ran 4 miles with my friend Jenn tonight. Friday is my new "easy run" day per the new training schedule. The schedule called for 2 miles so I don't think we did too bad at 4 :) Especially when neither of us were expecting too much out of it . That's why I love running... you may be tired and dread hitting the pavement, but you never regret it in the end! We actually had a pretty awesome run if I do say so myself... I forgot how helpful it is having someone else there with you.

We are going to start running together on Fridays and next week we're planning on going trail running! I'm pretty excited, it'll be my 1st trail run!

Also... I think I am turning over a new leaf.. usually, I hate running WHILE I'm running and only get that "runner's high" afterwards.. but I have noticed I'm starting to actually like it during the runs, and that's a great feeling! :)

Happy Friday!:)

p.s. sorry about the crappy picture.... blame it on the cellular.