Are we at Tomato-bee's?

I love birthdays.

Besides the fact that I love any reason to celebrate (and what's better to celebrate than life?!), I love getting together with family for dinner, especially in the middle of the week at the end of a really great day.

Subject change.. ready, go!
Yesterday... was a really great day. I made myself get up and go to the gym an hour before my Group Power (weight training) class to do my speed run. As much as I hated actually getting out of bed, I knew time wouldn't allow for me to do my run in the evening and I knew I wanted to get it done! And guess what?! It made all the difference in my day. I wasn't tired like I usually am and I had a ton of energy! I also loved being already warmed up in Group Power after my run (which, you may have guessed, was a really great run).
Okay, back to our originally scheduled birthday post.

Anyway. So after class I met up at Applebee's with Josh's family to celebrate RJ's birthday (Josh's sister's fiance). Amy and RJ arrived with Josh's parents and Josh, Mandy, baby Avery, and I tried to play it off as a coincidence that we were all there for dinner at the same time but the secret was out. SURPRISE! Happy Birthday, RJ!

While we were waiting for our food, Josh let me try some of his beer.

beer tasting
I don't know why he always insists that I try it. I have yet to find a beer that I like. Have not yet acquired that taste.

Josh's mom requested that I take a photo of my house salad, so here you go Lynda. On the blog just for you! ;-)

I forgot to take a picture of the rest of my food though. Hope you all aren't too disappointed. I had the asiago peppercorn steak with roasted potatoes (under 550 calories apparently and only ate 1/2 of it).

During our yummy delicious dinner, the wait staff came down the aisle singing Happy Birthday which made RJ really nervous, but fortunately for him they were just going to the table next to us. RJ then informed us that he would get up and walk straight out of the restaurant if we did that to him (even though he was stuck in the middle of our round booth and the only way out would be for him to crawl under or over the table.)

So, obviously when our waitress came by and asked if anyone wanted dessert, the proper response was No, we have to save room for cake & ice cream at home for the birthday boy.

And just like that the cat was out of the bag.

Oh we have a birthday here?!

And even though RJ protested, it was 6 against 2 (Amy didn't want RJ to be mad at her later, so she sided with him, and yes baby Avery's vote totally counts).

happy birthday!
He was less than thrilled, but did have to admit that he got a pretty cool apple balloon. Or wait, is that a tomato? Are we at Tomato-bee's? hehehe :)

AND the party didn't end there! We then headed back to Doug & Lynda's house for cake, ice cream, and baby snuggling!

avery and unc
Avery is totally in awe of her Unc, apparently. Probably because he makes really good baby-holding faces.

Happy Birthday, RJ! Hope you don't hate us too much for singing to you!! :)
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