here to stay.

20101004-20101004-IMG_8027photo taken of the beautiful fall leaves i saw on my drive to work this morning.

It's never good when the first thing you say on a Monday morning as the alarm is going off is Why is the alarm going off? Why are we getting up so early?

Because it's Monday.

Oh yeah.

I'm not sure where this weekend went. The only thing we had planned was the 5k on Saturday and then Sunday seemed to just slip right on by.

Cool weather is officially here... and it kind of didn't even knock first. Just barged right on in and set up shop. Made itself comfy and I think it's here to stay. And while I'm sure one day (like next March when spring makes its first appearance) I'll think this 55 degree weather is wonderful and I won't even need a jacket, right now I think it's freezing and that only means one thing: hot chocolate!

With tiny little marshmallows, of course.

Okay, and maybe a pot of chili, too.

First pot of the season. Yum!!!

I have to say, our chili recipe is pretty darn delicious.

We went grocery shopping on Saturday and even though we only ran in for chili ingredients, we left with a cart full of groceries. How does that always happen? It only happens when Josh and I go to the store together though... when it's just me I'm usually in and out pretty quick with just what I went for. Probably because I usually only grab a basket instead of a cart and then I don't want to carry it when it gets too heavy so I only get a few things. And Josh and I started off with just a basket, but then we found an abandoned cart and stole it... and it all went downhill from there. And when we grocery shop together? I'm weak. You all, I bought brownies and ice cream. I've been craving brownies though (which is probably why the ice cream I bought was chocolate fudge brownie) and Josh didn't object, so we now have a fudge brownie mix in the pantry just waiting to be baked. Surprised it hasn't happened already.

In other news..

Josh got himself a bike from a friend of his recently. If you've been around here for awhile, you know that I've been wanting a bike soooo bad. I was helping him adjust the seat and stuff, and while I was holding up the bike, this feeling came over me. I think it was love. Although it was that so close but so far kind of love since the bike wasn't actually mine and it was too big for me and I don't have the right kind of shoes to ride it nor a helmet. But you better believe I took that baby for a spin around the block. In the rain. In my flip flops. And I would have ridden it for miles but it was cold and rainy and I wasn't sure where the brakes were.

But we stopped by the bike store and I took my first step toward a triathlon... I got a helmet!

And I happen to love it (mostly because there's pink on it)!

I even did a little cooking (the delicious chili) in it.

Not that cooking chili is necessarily hazardous to my dome-piece, but it's kind of like when you get a new shirt: you just have to wear it.

Josh only wishes his helmet looks this good! ;-)

Thank you for my pretty pink helmet, Josh! I loves it!

So anyway. I guess our weekend was pretty much one of those stay huddled up at home weekends. Which really, are sometimes some of the best weekends. Busy schedules, traveling, having important people to see... those are all good. But so is home.

Especially when the big dog lays on top of the papa.

And the little dog just wants you to throw that dang ball already. :)

Happy Monday to you!

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