I'm a G (it means gangsta)

Have you all been watching Survivor? Josh and I get a kick out of that Naonka girl. Actually, we usually just get really annoyed with her. But anyway, last week she was all into using her own lingo, even though she had to translate every other word. That's 100... it means "for real." I'm a G... it means "Gangsta."

So anyway. While we were at the farm on Saturday, Josh had an idea for a really cool photo set up. I had no idea what it was, so when he handed me a gun I got a little freaked out. And then for the photo I had to point it directly at his head. It wasn't loaded or anything (obvs) but it still made me nervous and I felt really bad. I'm pretty sure I apologized about 27 times.

But... here's the end result... AKA the scariest/coolest photo of me ever.

And I think now I can classify myself as a G.

Here's how we took it...

Then we had a little photo shoot in the field and I kind of felt like a model.

For the last photo Josh simply said, "Move your hand through your hair."

Last time he told me to do this it ended up looking weird.. not sure what happened but it just looked funny and really un-natural. But this time I thought it actually kind of worked.

So watch out, I might be on the cover of a magazine or something soon.

Okay. Probably not.

But that doesn't mean I can't pretend to be in the middle of a big field. :)