Monday morning miscellany

Ready for some randomness?

the boys... snapped on camera phone because Rudi is scared of cameras.

This weekend was all about girl time as Josh was in Cincinnati attending a photography lighting workshop. So my mom and I did girly things like go shopping, decorate for fall, bake stuff, paint our nails, etc.

Oh, and she acquired a new BFF.

She was previously not the biggest fan of our newest addition, but she has since done a 180 and now they are inseparable. Or something. Maybe not quite inseparable, but she is now officially a Rudi fan. They snuggled. They went on walks. They played. And now they love each other. Awww.

kosmo and mom
She totally still loves Kosmo though.


Last night I baked smelly good things so the house would smell good when Josh got home.

First up, fried apples.

fried apples
And then I baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Delicious!

And in the middle of all my baking, a little girl rang the doorbell. She was selling poinsettias to raise money for her school. I know it's October and still 90 degrees outside (yeah, remember the other day how I said I thought fall was here to stay? I was wrong!) but I couldn't resist. So, $9 later, at the beginning of December I'll have 4 poinsettias delivered to me, and I'm sure by then I'll forget that I even ordered them so it'll be even more like Christmas! SURPRISE poinsettias!

And then I felt totally domestic... baking smelly good things and ordering plants from a little girl at the door.

So that was pretty much my weekend. It was actually quite enjoyable (other than that I missed my B) but it sounded kind of mundane when I was telling Josh about it on the phone. "Yeah, we've had a great day! We went to the grocery and bought some dirt."


In a shocking turn of events, I have decided that I love myself more than candy. It's true. This may not seem like a big deal to any of you, but sweets are my weakness. And my professor ALWAYS brings in this candy bowl to class. And I have class with her 3 days a week. And because I have NO self-control, I always end up eating like 5 pieces of candy. (My excuse is that my classes are all around dinner time and I'm staaaarving! Which is true, I usually am hungry. But that's where apples, bananas, and grapes come in.) On Wednesday I decided that this candy binging will happen NO MORE. HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE, INTERNETS!

I have also decided that I want to run a marathon. Maybe only once... probably only once... but I want to experience running a marathon once in my life. I don't know when (maybe 2011?)... but some day. I will keep you posted!

How's that for random? Totally random thoughts from my brain this weekend.