My legs are gonna hate me tomorrow.

This is the 2nd week in a row that I've gotten up to go to the gym early to get my speed run done before Group Power class. I'm beginning to love my Wednesday mornings!!
I'm not the biggest fan of running on the treadmill, but I've found that speed work is easier for me if I can control the pace, so I like doing my speed runs on the treadmill.

Today I did 2(2x1200) intervals, with a 2.5 min rest between each interval and a 4 min rest between the two sets.
It was pretty tough but I got it done!!
I love speed runs... hate them while I'm doing them but always feel so great afterwards.
And then I still had a little bit of time before Group Power started so I ran another mile at tempo pace.

Then I did killer squats and lunges in Group Power.

Thus, the legs will not be happy with me tomorrow.

Happy Hump Day!
Be happy.