a party to murder & a peanut butter brownie.

today josh and i got to go out on a little afternoon date.
we went to derby dinner playhouse with his mom, one of her friends, amy, & rj to see a party to murder.
i was pretty pumped because i got to dress up.

date afternoon
well, i guess it wasn't really dressing up, but i kind of consider anything other than yoga pants on the weekend dressing up.

the first photo captures josh in his most recent constant state: he has downloaded this game on my phone called angry birds and he is now addicted to it. for some reason the game is not compatible with his phone, so it's on my phone and it's all he does. b, i want to play the angry birds. b, let me have your phone so i can play the angry birds. i need to play the angry birds.

(and the phone was behind his back in the other 2 photos)

originally, my mom was going to accompany me on my date this afternoon but after she couldn't go, i bribed josh to go by telling him he could play the angry birds while we were there. it worked.

i'm so glad my bff lynda (josh's mom) invited me to derby dinner! before this summer i hadn't been there since i was little and it's so much fun!

confession: josh and i split a peanut butter brownie... omg so good. i'll make up for it this week though :)

hope everyone had a great weekend..... now go have a great week!! :-D

p.s. i suppose this counts for #18 on my 24 things list, yes?
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