pizza night: jack-o-lantern style


weekly pizza nights have been our tradition for over a year now. we eat pizza and watch the biggest loser. we started off making homemade pizza, but now we'll either do that or order a pizza, or get different types of pizza from the store to try out to mix things up a bit. this week we got a jack-o-lantern pizza from papa murphy's! i kind of love papa murphy's because it's kind of like subway except with pizza. plus they make cute jack-o-lantern pizza for halloween and umm, that's awesome.

and because i am like a 5 year old when it comes to food with faces, i just thought he was absolutely adorable! i had to make josh cut it because i felt bad. i almost felt bad eating him but then i realized pizza is an inanimate object and does not have feelings.

go get one, they are only $8 and only available until halloween!!!
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