Random, kind of related, Saturday tidbits.

I got some new running shoes yesterday...

It was about time, considering I had gotten my old ones last year for Christmas. And let me tell you, there's nothing like a new pair of shoes to make for a good run! My run this morning was awesome, despite getting very little sleep last night... but I got up early and got it done and it was great! I can definitely tell that I am getting better at longer distances.. each run gets a little easier :) Bring it on, Vegas!!!

Speaking of Vegas, according to the Runners' World SmartCoach, I should be able to PR by 9 minutes. WHAT?!? No pressure there. We'll see...

Speaking of the SmartCoach, have I mentioned on here that it also says I can apparently run a [FULL!] marathon in less than 5 hours. That is way slower than most of my runner friends, but it was awesome news to me. I'm currently taking a poll: where should I run my first full marathon?! Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, fun, preferably FLAT 1st marathon? This may or may not go down in 2011. Hopefully so, though!

Random tangent over.

One thing I love about running is that I can do anything feeling you get afterwards that transfers into finished laundry, finished homework, and a clean kitchen.

Okay, so my homework is almost finished. I was working on it until Kosmo had a better idea. You know, I really like Kosmo's take on life. I think he has the right idea about homework, and laundry too.

My grammy came in town last night, but she is already gone. I think her total visit was less than 12 hours. Her and my mom and their short trips to visit people. When I lived in Tennessee and my mom came to visit me, she always left to go back home at like 5 in the morning. Luckily, I got to have dinner with my grammy (and that crazy little Bubby!) last night and hang out for awhile, and then see them this morning for a bit after my run before they were off as quick as they came!

My sprint down the cul-de-sac (gotta finish strong!) this morning may be the closest Grammy gets to one of my races, but that's ok! I know she's got her hands full with Bubby. :)

In related news, Josh ran the Bourbon Chase 200 mile relay last night (he's actually still there) and I just got word that HIS TEAM WON!!!!! Congratulations, guys! They crossed the finish line almost a half hour ago and so far no other teams have crossed. And the crazy thing is some teams started several hours before their's did (they want all the teams to finish around the same time, so the start times vary based on speed).. they are just super duper FAST! The Bats Racing Team is so awesome!!!

In un-related news, HI NEW FOLLOWERS!! :) It's nice to have you around here. I updated the About section so you can get to know us a little better. It now has pictures and everything.

Hope everyone is enjoying your Saturday! I think it's time for my nap!