Today, by numbers.

IMAG0107kosmo getting his quads massaged with the foam roller a few nights ago... we use that foam roller a lot around here.

  • 8 = number of spongebob episodes i watched (with abby, the little girl i nanny for).
  • 10 = glasses of water i drank.
  • 6 = number of miles i ran.
  • 84 = degrees it was during my run (aka...umm, hello indiana?? it's october. maybe you forgot.)
  • 2 = number of knees that now hurt after my run. i definitely think new shoes are in order! STAT!
  • 3 = number of tank tops i got for our upcoming jamaica trip (in december). free people, i think you are my new favorite!
  • 4 = loads of laundry done!
  • 1 = number of beds with clean sheets! woo!

and speaking of sheets, i will be heading to bed soon (yes i know it's 9:15pm on a friday night. don't judge me) and i can.not.wait. goodnight & happy friday! :)
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