10 miles done!!

Josh, Aaron and I just finished up a 10 mile run! Well, they were way ahead of me but we ran the first mile together (thanks guys!!) then I was on my own. It was a new route for me... which was nice. I am super proud of this run...I felt great, only stopped when I had to wait for street lights, and I ran farther than the Downtown Doubler distance 2 minutes faster! I can't believe I ran a longer distance faster during a training run than at a race... AND this course had a few good size hills! Also, I kept my pace almost exactly the same (faster than my schedule called for) throughout the whole thing which is a big step for me since I usually got SLOOOOWER during long runs. And now my knees aren't super sore, which is definitely a good thing. Thank you kinesio tape!!

Anyway..I am just happy that I am seeing lots of improvements! So exciting! Can't wait for Vegas....3 weeks!!!

On a related note, we are going to see the Blue Man Group while we're in Vegas!!! in the PONCHO section!!!! I can't wait!!!