Just as I suspected...

...Fast Freddie's was wet.
Think steady downpour.
The whole time.
And allllll day after that.

Here's me and Jenn before the race:

Looks fun, right?
As the guy who took my number at the end of the race said, "A great day for a run!"
Yeah dude, something like that.

I've never run in a steady rain before.
Just sprinkles... here and there.
My goal for this race was to take 5 minutes off my time from last year.
It was sort of a stretch anyway, so when I came in 4 minutes faster than my time from last year I was pretty stoked considering the rain.
Typically rain doesn't bother me (although like I said it's usually just been sprinkles) and luckily it was 65 degrees outside so it wasn't a cold rain... but after running in the rain for almost an hour, the soaking wet clothes that just stick to you and soggy shoes and feet sort of start to get to you.
So I was pretty ready for it to be over by like mile 3.

So yay for a rainy PR!

The rest of the race's photos are compliments of the EVO because unfortunately my DSLR is not waterproof.

Here's me and my friends Jenn.

Apparently I like people named Jenn(ifer). Jennifer #1 and I were wearing the same shirt because we're cool like that.
You can't really tell but we are totally drenched.


And of course the obligatory photo of me and Josh. :)
..who really likes to talk/make weird faces in photos.
He didn't run the race... scratch that, he didn't run the race as a registered runner.
He waited in the park for us and apparently ran about a half mile with all of his friends as we passed by.
In jeans and a hoodie.
In the rain.
Does that make him crazy or hardcore?
The jury is still out.
He offered to run the last 1.5 miles with me, but I thought he had driven to the park and I didn't want him to have to run that far with me in the pouring rain in jeans and a hoodie.
If I had known he had already run there and had to run back anyway I might have taken him up on the offer and perhaps I could have taken off that extra minute from my time.
Oh well.

After the race we were all allowed to register for door prizes.
Jenn gave me her entry because she was going to have to leave anyway and then I could have double chances to win.
I wrote Josh's name on it because knowing my luck once I put my name in twice they'd pick both of them and then I would be disqualified or something for having 2 entries.
And what do you know! Josh won the first door prize.
And he went up to claim his prize in his soaking wet blue jeans.
....clearly he did not register for the race. haha!
He originally picked a "cool running shirt" but since it was a size large he ended up putting it back and getting a gift bag... with a Christmas Tree scented Yankee candle!
I have been wanting a new candle, so thanks Josh! :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
The rest of my day was a lot more dry with lots of yummy food.
I'll tell you about it soon!

Fast Freddie's 5 Miler
November 25, 2010

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 51:48