November resolutions?

I have noticed around the blogosphere that making goals for the month of November seems to be the cool thing to do. So I have thought long and hard, and I don't really have any. I must be a loser with no aspirations. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, November just seems like a random time to make new goals to me. I have a ton of goals for 2011 that I can't wait to share with y'all but that's not for another couple months! So I thought longer and harder and have come up with a few. So, here they are:
  • Continue running outside... avoid the treadmill as much as possible, even when it gets cold. DON'T BE A COLD WEATHER RUNNING SALLY. Running in the cold should make me a better runner right?!
  • Train as hard as I can for the next 4 weeks before the Vegas half marathon. Do all training runs, no excuses unless I am legit sick or dying.
  • PR at the Vegas half marathon.
  • oh wait, that's in December.
  • finish school!!! YAY!
  • eat no bread/carbs for lunch. (I have noticed that I eat a lot less food than I used to and exercise a lot more than I used to, and yet my weight is not going down anymore. I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight ((although 5-10 pounds would be nice)) it just seems like I SHOULD be, so I'm wondering if I eat too many carbs. But I really have no idea. So salad for lunch it is! We'll see if it makes a difference... P.S. if you have any no-carb meal ideas let me know! I love that salad but I may get tired of it after a month..)
  • I think that's all!
Not super ambitious, but I think they'll do. I'll re-visit these goals in a month and see how I did. What are your November goals?