trail walking, hiking... same thing.


24. go hiking.

I'm not sure if this actually counts as hiking, but it was pretty much what I had in mind when I made up my 24 things list anyway, so I'm counting it (it's my list, I can do that you know) even though Josh told me it was more along the lines of trail walking as opposed to hiking. Oh well... whateva.

So. On Saturday we went hiking. It was a gorgeous day and we didn't want to be all cooped up in the house all day, so we took advantage of the awesome weather, loaded up the boys, and hit the trails. But first, we hit the playground.

P.S. Josh also had the idea to make it a "photo challenge" for us... we were only allowed to use prime lenses. So all the photos were taken with either a 50mm or 85mm lens. Just FYI.

kosmo slide
rudi slide
me kosmo slide
josh slide
Kosmo loved it, Rudi wasn't so sure.

Then we hit up the trails.

We also did a little geocaching while we were out there (which is a cool thing about having a phone with apps... there's an app for that) and we even met another geocacher out in the woods! Random.

At some point along our journey through the wilderness, Josh put the camera right up in my face... so I knew there was something on my face. I was debating between smiling and making the confused/scared/nervous face because I had no idea what it was. I decided to smile, hoping it was a cute little ladybug or something. Unfortunately I was a wrong.. it was a teeny-tiny gross crawly thing...crawling all over my face!!! EWWW! I have since been informed that it was a centipede and that they sting you like crazy... luckily this didn't happen or Josh would have been in trouble for leaving it on there for the sake of a photo!

And then we stumbled upon this cool limb hanging from a really tall tree and went all Tarzan and Jane on it!

It was pretty much a perfect fall afternoon!

That evening we went to see Life As We Know It (Josh was thrilled!), it was pretty good.

On that note, I am off to work on my take-home test. Can't wait for December... I'll be done with school!!