Two 5-year-olds & an Angry Birds encore....

Saturday was Gage and Cherrish's 5th birthday party.

josh and avery
And while there were some games (Avery and I were Bingo partners!) and baby snuggling (no babies were eaten during the making of those photos) and pizza and cake, what I couldn't help but notice was this....

Do you know what they're doing?

Playing Angry Birds of course.

And the worst part?

Baby Avery was totally into it, too.

There is no end in sight to this Angry Birds epidemic...

Good job, Josh. Your whole family is addicted ;-)

In related news, Happy 5th Birthday Gage and Cherrish!

In un-related news... T-minus 4 days (not counting today!) until VEGAS HERE WE COME!

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