We shut down Chuck E. Cheese on a Monday night... just call us wild & crazy!

Yesterday was Gage's (Josh's nephew) 5th birthday, so as a surprise we took him to Chuck E. Cheese! He didn't know where we were going... until I asked Josh if Gage had to be home at a certain time and Josh said Well I'm not planning on shutting down Chuck E. Cheese or anything (which we totally ended up doing, btw.. they close at 9:00. I know. We are partiers!) And then Gage was all Oh my gosh I want to go to Chuck E. Cheese!!! Let's go to Chuck E. Cheese! I love their pizza! So we tried to change the subject by asking Gage what kind of toppings he likes on his pizza.... we asked if he liked ice cream on his pizza and he said, No. And then matter-of-factly, Well, actually, I've never tried ice cream on my pizza but I would be willing to give it a try.

Quote of the night.

Unfortunately Chuck E. Cheese doesn't offer ice cream as a pizza topping.

So we ate our regular boring sausage and pepperoni pizza, sans ice cream, and then played games.

These tokens are 25 cents a piece. Luckily most games are only 1-2 tokens. Gage would take 2 tokens, go play a game, then come back every 5 minutes and say I NEED MORE MONEY!!!

I asked Josh what would happen if every 5 minutes I told him I needed more money.
For some reason I don't think it would work quite the same way for me.
He just looked at me.

Gage had a blast playing all the different games... okay, so did me and Josh. We played Skee Ball and he hit the jackpot and won over 200 tickets!

But hey, don't count me out! I won too....

Oh you know, 2 tickets... because I rock.

At the end of the night Gage cashed in all his tickets (416 of them) and got a little foam airplane, a Toy Story doodle set, and a tiny package of Pop Rocks. Which all probably only cost like 25 dollars all together.

I think Gage had a pretty fun surprise birthday dinner with his Unc and Yen (what he calls me and Josh). Now he's just looking forward to his real birthday party on Saturday! Happy 5th Birthday, Gage!!!

Hope everyone had as wild & crazy of a Monday night as we did!! :)

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