Beeswax and Country Boy

*Warning: This post contains close to 1 million photos. Just trying to be up front with you all. Oh, and yes, it was necessary to post all of them.

Hands down, one of my favorite parts of our trip was horseback riding on the beach.

It's on my bucket list as I've wanted to do it forever, even though I was slightly scared of horses because I haven't touched one since I rode a pony at the county fair when I was 5 and it was harnessed into one of those little things that only lets them trot around in a 5ft circle. But come to find out it's actually really fun and kind of relaxing even though your butt definitely doesn't thank you for it the next day.

I put it on my 24 things list, even though I had no idea where I'd go horseback riding if we didn't go in Jamaica (even though, yes, I do in fact live approximately 10 minutes from Churchill Downs and I hear they have horses there) and I didn't think we'd get to go in Jamaica because our resort doesn't offer it, it's only offered at one of their other resorts that we didn't stay at. BUT another couple that we met told me about it after they did it somewhere else and I was so excited that we actually had a chance to do it!

So I met Beeswax.

My horse. When I went to "saddle up" they told me he was the slow horse. Which was just fine with me, I figured that meant I had less chance of falling off. Although they were quite right, he was in fact like the slowest horse ever and he liked to occasionally stop for picnics. Josh's horse (Country Boy) kept sticking his nose up Beeswax's butt because he was going so slow. Our tour guide, Ricardo, kept having to make him go faster which would send him into a little gallop to catch up to the rest of the group. It made me feel very "Sandra Bullock" as Ricardo would say.

Josh's horse on the other hand, apparently had a testy gas peddle. They told him not to even attempt to make his horse go faster because apparently he was very "sensitive."

The tour started with a "nature walk" through a small local town and the mountains. It was really neat. There were little kids everywhere on each side of you asking for money. I couldn't believe how young they were. I had 2 little boys walk next to me for awhile asking all sorts of questions... and a little girl tell me she liked my sunglasses and ask if she could have them. They sure do start 'em young there... begging. It was kind of sad actually, but harmless I guess.

We eventually made it to this little trail along the beach which was neat, and the tour guides all gave the ladies a flower and said it was from their significant other.

Aww... thanks for my flower, B.

And then it was my favorite part. We switched horses and got into the water!!!!

It all happened so fast! I was looking behind me watching Josh get on his horse and all of a sudden my horse is in the water.

Then somehow Josh ended up right behind me so I snapped a photo.

Clearly it was the best photo ever.

I gave my camera to the guide and asked him to take some.
His were a little better.

The water part was so much fun! The horses go in pretty deep and then basically sprint through the water. Then they get out and run around this little cove so you can actually tell how fast they're running and then SPLASH you're back waist-deep in the water. It's pretty short but really fun.

And the best part was that Ricardo let us do the water part twice because he liked us. Since I realized how wet you actually got, I opted for just the swimsuit option this time.


Highly recommend it if you ever have the chance.