It was perfect.

20101225-IMG_9586please notice the fire. josh finally let me turn it on. i was so happy :-D

Y'all, I am so happy. I really couldn't have asked for a better Christmas. For the first time in 10 years, I didn't have an emotional breakdown or overwhelming sad feeling at any point during the holidays, my stomach didn't turn into knots at the sound of Christmas music (big step for me), and I genuinely just had a really great time.

I still miss my daddy -- 10 years is a really long time for a girl to go without her daddy -- and I am sad that he's not here to celebrate with us and I'm sure I will cry on the day, but over all Christmas was wonderful -- for the first time in 10 years. Last year was a good first step, but this year... it was perfect. Kristen and I even went day-after-Christmas shopping, which is saying a lot coming from us.

My best friend is in town! You know you are best friends when you buy the same boots without knowing it and look up Alaskan cruises within the same week without knowing it. Apparently Josh even looked up Alaskan cruises that week. I think it's a sign.. we're all BFF's and we need to go on an Alaskan cruise in 2011!

I love her because she understands my weird feelings towards Christmas and doesn't judge me for not being all jolly all the time like you're supposed to be. She lost her daddy too, so she gets it. And even though I hate that she has gone through the same thing in order to understand, it is comforting to have someone who really gets it. So yeah, the two of us went day-after-Christmas shopping... and we liked it. Big step.

Anyway, our Christmas festivities began on Christmas eve with Josh's family coming over for the annual Christmas Eve pizza dinner.

It also included lots of fudge (including dreamcicle fudge which I had never had before, but it was AMAZING!), a delicious cheese ball, chocolate, pretzels, chips, cookies, and lots of other sweets. Heaven.

We watched A Christmas Story, as per tradition, and exchanged gifts.

20101224-IMG_9512It was Avery's 1st Christmas! Last year at Christmas, Mandy & Joe announced they were going to have a baby... and now she's here!

20101224-IMG_9528penguins, chocolate, & peanut butter... pretty much the perfect gift ever!

I'd say it's a successful Christmas when there's a garbage bag full of wrapping paper at the end.

I love how... Gage and Morgan have their arms linked and Avery and Kosmo are giving each other the stare down.

[then all the kids go home to go to sleep because Santa is coming! Santa is coming!]

Christmas Day begins with Josh's fam coming back for Christmas breakfast. This is their tradition, and I tried to implement a new tradition: Christmas breakfast in Christmas PJ's.

It didn't work.

But it just makes sense... if you're going to get together for breakfast on Christmas morning, I think you should do it in Christmas pajamas.

I could be biased because my BFF Lynda (Josh's mom) got me the most comfortable PJ's ever for Christmas... and they had penguins all over them!! Although I did want us all to wear Christmas PJ's before I knew she got them for me. Next year I'm getting you all PJ's for Christmas to wear to breakfast.. get ready!

Christmas Morning 'round this house means...

-- Scrambled eggs, snowman pancakes, and cinnamon rolls. christmas breakfast

--Elf (my fave!)

--Toss Across (Gage & Morgan's new game from Unc & Yenn AKA me and Josh)

--Family time.
josh's fam

--And a fire in the fireplace (!!!).

It was yummy-delicious & wonderful.
The only thing that could have made it better was Christmas PJ's.
Next year.

The celebrations continued with a trip to Mom's house for more yummies and presents.

puppy chow
She made my favorite puppy chow which is delicious and messy. I may or may not have already eaten over 1/2 of that tub almost all by myself. (I do share. I usually shovel a handful in my mouth and then give Josh 1 piece. Rinse repeat. I'm nice.)

After we did the gift-giving, I curled up in this chair with the boys... and fell asleep. It was awesome. They are excellent snuggle-buddies and I love naps.


I watched The Santa Claus, Home Alone 2, and The Grinch in between my snoozes, meanwhile Josh read his new photography book and my mom did laundry (don't feel sorry for her, she loves it). It was a very relaxing, low-key day. Which is really the best kind.

I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.

.happy & blessed.
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