Happy December!

Hello and Happy December!!!

I did a little Christmas photo shoot with Avery last weekend and I have been trying to resist posting the photos in case Mandy wants to use one for their Christmas card but I can't do it anymore! She is just too darn cute!! So I had to post one in honor of December! (please don't hate me Mandy :)) I seriously love that baby. We are friends.

In other news, it is snowing. Which I suppose is the perfect start to December and usually I'd be all YAY IT'S SNOWING!!! but this time I have mixed feelings about it. These feelings are as follows:
  1. I am not excited because it is yet another reminder that winter is coming and that means I am going to have to start running in the COLD!
  2. I still think it's pretty though.
  3. But at the moment I don't really care either way because in 5 days I'll be sitting on a beach in Jamaica and there's no snow there! :)
This week has been crazy trying to get everything done before we leave.
Current to-do list:
  • finish all laundry
  • pick up suitcase from mom
  • pick up prescription
  • RUN! Haven't run since Saturday, so I need to get in at least one more run before Vegas!
  • PACK... winter clothes, running clothes, and beach clothes all in 1 little suitcase and 1 little carry-on... should be fun.
  • clean the house!
  • finish ALL school work. tomorrow is my LAST day! yay!
  • figure out my 1/2 marathon outfit.. which I thought I did but I am now getting conflicting weather reports from people in Vegas. I've heard everything from cold & rain to "normal" by 10am. Soooo hmmm... re-thinking the shorts because I don't want to freeze but don't want to overheat in pants. Maybe I'll compromise and wear capris... ?

Happy Hump Day/December!!!