Jamaica: top moments.

Our trip this time was a bit different than our last one. This time we had our friends Brian and Nikki with us (which was awesome! Just different than last time) and it was windy (which posed some problems for some of the things we had planned, but we still made the best of it.)

Jamaica-0098We took this photo of ourselves in the pool with the self-timer because we're cool.

It's hard to narrow down my "top moments" because there were so many good ones. The ones where the stars align and make you sit back and say Life is good and you just can't help but smile. And the memories, inside jokes, and nicknames we created with our friends while we were there? I could go on forever. And maybe I will for the sake of remembering them, but for now, some of my favorites moments.. get ready.

Top on my list is...

The bonfire on the beach.
They do it every Thursday night apparently and last time we were there we missed it.

Everyone comes together and sits around the fire and there's a local there that sings for you. I felt like we should all have been holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

But instead something even better happened.
Josh danced with me!

I've been asking him to dance with me forever but he's not a big dancer (of course neither am I but I do like slow dancing) so we've just never danced. And we finally did. At a bonfire on the beach in Jamaica. How cool.

(Of course he told me this gets him out of any dancing requests I make for the next 365 days. We'll see about that... ;-))

So, #5 is officially done and I couldn't be happier about it! :-D

Our failed snorkeling trip.
Although I'm not sure I'd classify this as one of my favorite moments, it's definitely memorable and kind of funny now, especially this picture. The picture pretty accurately tells the story of our snorkeling trip.... a big wave kept hitting me in the head.

In May when we went snorkeling it was, in a word, awesome.
In December when we went snorkeling it was, in a word, nauseating.

Nikki's face here pretty much describes how we were all feeling.
We had a yellow flag almost every day which meant that many activities were canceled. The first day we tried to go snorkeling it was canceled, so we went the next day... and were all about the throw up by the time the boat got to the snorkeling spot. Nikki didn't even get in the water. I almost didn't but figured I'd feel worse if I stayed on the boat. It was just all around horrible.. I felt like I couldn't swim anywhere because waves kept knocking me back, and we couldn't see anything under water because of all the waves.

So they cut our snorkeling trip short and we didn't even have anything to show for it other than some sea sickness.
Although Josh claims to have seen a stingray.

Rick's Cafe
We also went here in May. It's where I jumped off a cliff.
I didn't jump this time but Josh and Brian did!

And of course we watched the sunset. Have I mentioned that I never get sick of sunsets?

The Cattamaran Cruise AKA The Party Boat.
We didn't do the Cattamaran cruise last time, so it was a new experience for us!

While the cruise was sailing Rasta Ralphie performed.

We met him last time and he's a pretty neat guy. Cool to see him actually perform.

Then the boat docks and you can slide down the big 12ft slide off the side of the boat into the water!

Josh preferred the break dancing approach to his jump.

We also swam into a cave.

There may or may not have been a ghost behind Brian (the photographer.)

Luckily we did not encounter any sharks in the cave or off the side of the Cattamaran cruise. Apparently they live around there. Good thing I didn't know that beforehand.

And last but not least...

Procuring Crit.
There was a nice little man making hats on the beach out of grass/leaves and he also made these little grasshoppers. He really wanted us to buy the hats, but I knew I'd probably never wear it and it would be harder to get home. But these little grasshoppers were so adorable that we couldn't pass one up! I asked the little old man what authentic Jamaican name I should name him and he came up with the name Crit. He was a little hard to understand but I think he said that he was a "grass critter" so his name should be Crit. Not sure how Jamaican that is, but whatever.

Nikki got one too and he named her's Tepo... we're not sure what that means and we kept wanting to call him "Teapot" because that's what it sounds like. So, Crit and Tepo have officially started their new lives in the US. I think they're adorable.

...and those are classified away as some of my top moments in Jamaica.

Life is good, mon.