Jamaica was full of accomplishments.

Our trip to Jamaica this time around was pretty much awesome... again. But then again I'd expect nothing less. I think our only complaint was that it was a little okay, a lot windy. Apparently that's their "cold front." Which I'd take any day over the cold front that we came home to... 8 degree weather and snow. But anyway.

I crossed several things off my 24 things bucket list during our trip but I also had another accomplishment (you're gonna be so proud!)...

Pretty much every night (except Monday night when Josh was passed out.. more on that later) and Thursday night (when the restaurant was closed) we ate at this restaurant on the resort called Lychee. The staff even started remembering us as soon as we walked in and all we'd say is, "Us again!" and our favorite waiter Richard (from our last trip) even remembered us. Seriously.. he's the coolest. If you ever go to Jamaica you must eat there and have him as your waiter.

Anyway, it's a little more fancy than the buffet and the Italian grill but doesn't require suit & tie attire like the other super fancy restaurant on site. It's a Japanese restaurant, so Josh being the seasoned Asia traveler that he is, is a pro with chopsticks. Brian and Nikki (our neighbors that came on the trip with us) also had decently-okay chopstick skills. I, on the other hand, prefer my knife and fork, please and thank you.

However, since we ate there nearly every night, by the end of the week I was becoming quite proficient with the chopsticks! One night I even took each little appetizer and moved it from the platter to Josh's plate with my chopsticks! Doesn't he look proud?! (I was!)

I think he looks less than thrilled because he kept thinking he cleaned his plate and then viola! more food thus preventing him from getting the Clean Plate Award. You're welcome, B :)

So yes, while in Jamaica I learned to use chopsticks. Watch out.