Las Vegas, part 1

Las Vegas has never been a place I really wanted to go to other than to go and say I went... since, you know, it's Vegas. It just always seemed like a big party city where you go to gamble, drink, and dance the night away in night clubs and I'm not much for any of those things. Don't get me wrong, they are all fun at times but I'm not really a "party person." But when a big Rock N' Roll race comes to town it seemed like the perfect excuse to go for the weekend because I do like to run. And a big party city seemed like a perfect place for my 2nd half marathon.

So we boarded our plane on Friday morning (Dec. 3rd) and arrived in Las Vegas that afternoon. By the time we got checked into our hotel it was almost time for the expo to be over so we rushed out the door and ran there (literally). The expo was only about 1.25 miles from our hotel but the strip was packed with people so it took forever to get there.

We did the usual expo stuff... I stocked up on Gu, ordered my shadow box, and tried all the free samples of whatever they had to offer. We also got some goals for 2011....

Ready for the race!

And also ready for bed. By this time it was only like 7:00 in Vegas but that's 10:00 at home and yes, I am usually in bed by this time. (And yes, I realize how cool/old this makes me seem :))

We spent Saturday walking around and exploring the city.

Saturday night was spent carbo loading at the hotel restaurant (they hosted a pasta buffet for the runners). This is take #1, 2, 3, and 4 of Lynn and Josh try to take their own picture while waiting for a table but it comes out blurry.

me n josh
We are cool.

And then we were off to the Venetian to see the Blue Man Group!! On the way there we ran into a little Elvis who sang to me.


And saw the water fountain show at the Bellagio.

Oh, and Paris of course.

And then we finally made it to the Venetian to see the Blue Man Group! Josh had seen them a couple times before but I hadn't... so I was excited! Especially since we were in the 2nd row AKA the "Poncho Section" AKA we might get painted on.

P.S. Ponchos are sexy.

The show was GREAT and afterwards we got to meet some Blue Men.

I was hoping for a Blue kiss but no such luck.

We finished out our evening with a romantic gondola ride through Venice. Or you know, the next best thing.

And then it was time for the long trek back to our hotel to get some sleep before we had to get up bright and early for the race!!

To be continued...
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