A New Christmas Tradition

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It feels a little weird that it's only December 21st and I've already celebrated Christmas with my family. Ever since I can remember, we have always gone up to North Vernon on Christmas Day to celebrate with my Dad's side of the family. For 23 years, that's what we did. But now we're all growing up and starting our own families, so traveling on Christmas morning isn't as easy as it is when you're 5 years old and your parents do it for you.

So this year we started something new.

It's different and a little weird, but in the grand scheme of things I know that it doesn't really matter what day we celebrate on, as long as we all get to spend time together.

On Saturday we went to my aunt Kathy's house to celebrate with my dad's side of the family.

As always, Aunt Kathy & Uncle Richard were wonderful hosts.

They made too much yummy food, including the most adorable Christmas cupcakes ever.

We opened presents and played games... Loaded Questions again, which Josh won last year. This year it was a 3-way tie between the girls... me, Mom, and Aunt Kathy. Sorry boys.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a day that worked for everyone so my brothers came down on Sunday, thus beginning our new Christmas tradition!

If we follow the tradition in the years to come, we will eat Wick's pizza, drink sweet tea, then eat a million Christmas cookies while playing Mad Gab. Fun stuff. I love my brothers.

I hope we can expand on the tradition next year though, like Eric and I dreamed about weeks ago. I have this dream of what I want Christmas to look like. And it's always picturesque almost to the point of ridiculousness. I can only imagine it will get worse when I have kids. Like we all get together one night.. not Christmas Eve but maybe the weekend before. We make s'mores by the fireplace, watch Christmas movies, bake cookies, play games, and just have a jolly ol' good time. Everyone spends the night and then we wake up early in the morning to a delicious breakfast feast and open our presents around the tree in our Christmas pajamas. Cue the Christmas carols. Then we all live happily ever after.

And yes, I would like to agree with my Aunt Kathy in that the world should be all rainbows and unicorns.

But I'm learning that while I have this dream of what I want Christmas to be like in my head, real life is different from dream life and I can work as hard as I can to make the dream a reality, but I have to leave room for the unexpected. And embrace the unexpected. And know that whatever memories are created, as long as they are with the people I love they will be good, perfect or not.

For the past 10 years Christmas has been difficult. In 2000 it was the last day I saw my Daddy. And maybe that's why I want it to be awesome and perfect... although it will never be perfect because that's life and no matter what it will still be the last day that I saw him.

But anyway.

I have an awesome family and we had a great day.

Christmas snapshots.
20101219-IMG_9461Tobey is still bitter about that time in 2001 when Eric played fetch with him for hours but only the teasing kind of fetch and never actually gave him the toy. No kisses for Eric.

20101219-IMG_9437We got to meet Adam's new girlfriend, Jenn. She's really nice. We approve, Adam ;-)

kosmoKosmo learned this trick from Tobey... the hiding of the treats to stash away for later.

20101219-IMG_9460Eric still lookin' for love from the Tobster.

photography by Eric
photography by eric
And I decided that I definitely need to see my brothers more often. They are awesome and even though we're all busy we just need to make it happen. 2011 goal, right there.

Still to come: Christmas with Josh's family and my mom's side of the family. Can't wait.


Happy Holidays!!!
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