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I got a couple questions about how we took our Christmas photo in the dark and yet the snow is lit up.

It is more than an on-camera flash (actually that wasn't even used at all.)

We actually used 3 lights to take the photo. One on each side of us with a gel on it to light up the snow and give it a different color effect (Josh was going for green on one side and red on the other, but unfortunately he only had blue and orange gels. It's kind of hard to tell the color difference in the photo anyway. You can see it better in Josh's edit, but I don't have that one on my computer. So anyway...) and one to flash on us.

We should have taken a "set-up" shot so I could show you how we did it, but we didn't. I'll try to remember next time. This is the best I have that can show you what we did..

You can kind of see the lights off to both sides.

Anyway, Josh is the lighting genius of this relationship, so you'd have to ask him for all the technicalities, such as the power of the lights and which lights they are if you're interested. It was all him. I just know there were 3 of them.

Edited to add: Josh explains how to light up Christmas snow.

As a Christmas present to himself, Josh recently bought lots of really high-powered lights and now the basement pretty much looks like a photo studio. Which is totally cool by me. The first night he had them, he made me model even though I had just gotten done running and was clearly not looking too model-esque. Luckily he made Kosmo model more.

me n kosmo
Kosmo sure does love that tennis ball.

Oh! And so weird, in an astonishing-OMG-babies-grow-so-fast kind of way. I didn't realize how big Avery had gotten until I took a picture of her in the same basket that I took her newborn photos in.

(set-up shot via the EVO)
20101223-IMG_9514Avery, 4 months old.

Avery, 5 days old.


I was hoping to do a basket shot to show how much she's grown every 3 months, but we kind of missed her 3 month birthday. It was right around Thanksgiving, and with it being the holidays and then Josh and I were out of town, we just never got around to it. So I guess we'll do 4, 8, and 12 months instead.

I already decided that she's either gonna love or hate coming over to her Unc's house. I think every time she sees us we have a camera. :)

So anyway, I hope that helps answer some of the Christmas photo questions.

P.S. Thanks for all the questions & messages via the ASK AWAY! form, however just FYI... unless you leave your e-mail address I can not respond to you directly. I totally don't mind if you don't want to leave your e-mail address or even anonymous questions... just know that I can't answer every one, so if you're looking for a quicker response please e-mail me directly! :)
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