Introducing.... Baby Lola!

It was love at first snuggle.

(Even though she woke us up approximately every 2 hours last night and I already sat in puppy poo.)

We picked her up yesterday afternoon.

So far we've learned that she's a snuggler, she likes to nibble on ears, and she tries really hard to jump onto the couch but she just can't do it. Sorry Lola, you probably won't be able to do that for another year or so but it's really cute when you try.

She's adorable and I'm in love already... with her puppy breath, the way she prances around the house, how she squeaks at Kosmo, and her little white paws that make it look like she's wearing socks.

And Kosmo is a good watchful and protective big brother.

kosmo n lola
Love love love her. All 4 pounds of her.


P.S. I'll try not to let the blog turn into puppy overload... but good luck with that.
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