I should have never told you all that Lola slept through the night twice.
Because last night she pretty much did not sleep at all.
Which means I pretty much did not sleep at all.
Almost the worst night ever.
So super sleepy today.
Where's my Starbucks?
I imagine this is much like what having a baby is like.
So, props to all you momma's out there.
Not sleeping = no fun.

my little lap dog :)(don't let the photo fool you... she slept peacefully on my lap during dinner, but come night fall it was a whole different story. she's a wonderful little lap dog though.)

In other news... 5 miles slated for tonight.
Hopefully my IT band will cooperate.
Let's do this.
Edited to add: Scratch that. Training run has been canceled for the night due to snow. The jury is still out on whether or not I'll do the run on the treadmill..