Marathon training, day 2.


The schedule called for 3 miles.
I was nervous because 3 miles was what we did on Saturday and I had to walk after about 2.5 or so due to IT band pain.
And that was on a flat route.
The route last night was HILLY.
Plus there was snow & ice on the ground.
So I was already prepared to walk the hills, and then probably walk the rest after 2.5ish.
I DIDN'T!!!!!!
I met with the physical therapist at training (who is, thankfully, gonna be there to meet with us every Monday) before our run and he did some new stretches with me.
Apparently they were magic stretches because I was able to run the WHOLE time, even up the hills with NO pain.
And I felt no pain after either.
A miracle.
I know I'm not totally healed, but this gives me hope that I can actually do this.
I just have to be really good at stretching, icing, and using kinesio tape.
Tomorrow calls for 5 miles so we'll see how that goes!

[You can follow along with my training here if you wish... & add me as a friend if you have the dailymile!]