One honey roasted BBQ sauce pack away from a breakdown.

so, this morning i set out for marathon training long run #4. i made it a whopping 3.2 miles. my group did 10. the 1/2 marathon group did 6. i had to stop and walk at 1.5 because my leg was killing. after a few minutes i managed to run the rest but i was pretty much limping by the time i got done.

this is not exactly what we would call a good run. super bummed. (bummed = more like i really wanted to cry on the way back to my car but there were people all around so i had to look composed)

afterwards i had an appointment with a sports massage therapist. unfortunately, i don't think it was magic. i am still hurting. (i was hoping for a miracle)

then on the way home i heard a lovey dovey love song and thought about how i will never get to dance with my dad at my wedding and he won't get to walk me down the aisle. this made me super sad. (normally i don't think about this but this is what happens when i'm already bummed out and also probably super hormonal & emotional because it's almost time for a visit from everyone's favorite aunt if you know what i mean)

so i stopped at hobby lobby and bought a cute lamp for $12. this made me a little happier. i wanted to buy lots more stuff but i had to pee really bad and i was starving since it was like 2 o'clock and i hadn't eaten since i had 1/2 of an english muffin with peanut butter before my run pitiful jog at like 6:30.

so i stopped at chick-fil-a. waited in a really long line for 2 chicken sandwiches (one was for josh, i am not that big of a pig). rushed home. went to the bathroom. cleaned up lola's bathroom break on the floor. washed my hands. then finally set down to eat only to discover that THEY ONLY GAVE ME ONE HONEY ROASTED BBQ SAUCE PACKET. omg what were they thinking... i need at least 3!

sad and happyumm.. eww. don't mind my hair. i showered today i promise.

and i seriously lost it. i just sat there and cried. not over the BBQ sauce, that was just what pushed it over the edge. i think i'm depressed because i can't run. i think today kind of "sealed the deal" for me that i'm not going to be able to train for the marathon in april.

i never thought i would be one of those people. i used to hate running. i used to dread it. now i crave it. it really really really really sucks being injured. at this point, i am way too far behind in training to catch up i think. especially since it's not getting any better. so i guess i am just going to try to do the half marathon and see how that goes... and then i'll find a fall marathon to do.

anyway, snuggles from the baby girl and despicable me lifted my spirits a little bit :)

and so did tivo'd modern family and leftover red lobster.

we went there for dinner last night.. i can't even remember the last time i ate there. our waiter was all about giving away some biscuits. he pretty much hooked us up with enough biscuits for the next 4 months. i think we're going to have a biscuit party. wanna come?

normally i think you're supposed to get like 2.

welp, no running for me for the next couple of weeks. i think i am going to completely rest it and see how that helps. run for me if you're able...and don't take it for granted.

hope you're having a happy weekend!

(lola & kosmo send their love in the form of possessed, demon-looking eyes)