Running Stuff & Frostbite 5k "Re-cap"

frostbite 5kwhat? did you think i could really have a post without pictures of my babies, even if it is a post about running?

I am a little bummed because it seems as though January may be the first month ever (well, since I started running in Oct.2009) that I don't run in an actual race. The Frostbite 5K was this past Saturday... and even though I was signed up (I have the shirt to prove it, see above) and was actually running during the race, I wasn't actually running in it. I guess I can't feel bad about that, especially since I did end up running almost 6 miles which is almost twice as much as a 5K. And I wanted to do 1 race per month to motivate me to keep running and the only reason I didn't run the race was because I was training for a marathon, so I guess that's a legit excuse? I'm signed up for 2 more races in Feb (the Polar Bear Grand Prix) that I might not get to run either... I'm just not sure I should skip my long runs to run in a 2.4 mile and 4 mile race.

So, marathon training. Which seems more like 1/2 marathon training. Thanks, IT band.

After consulting all my coaches (Josh, my super-fast marathon running friend Eric who is also a Fleet Feet coach, my Fleet Feet coach, and the internets) I decided to only run 3 miles with the 1/2 marathon group last night instead of 5. I figured this was best because everything I have read says not to run more than the amount that irritates the IT band and since I started hurting after 4.5 on Saturday I decided 5 may be pushing it. I MIGHT have been able to do 5, considering I was fine for 4.5 on Saturday AFTER running 4 the night before, BUT I am paranoid and don't want to push my luck. Even though every time I shorten my run I wonder if it will impact my ability to run a marathon. I wonder if I can actually get up to 16, 17, 18, 20, 22 mile long runs if I can't even run 5 right now, but I also know that being cautious and letting it heal will help me get there, so I am just going to have to trust the process.

My plan for the rest of the week is....
spin class today, rest tomorrow, and then I will attempt 6-9 miles on Saturday. We are scheduled for 9 but I may go for less depending on how I feel at the time. I will be running it VERY slowly with possible frequent walk breaks, apparently this is what you do when you are injured even though it makes me feel like I am learning to run all over again and I actually wish I could push myself during these runs. Oh well.

Speaking of walk breaks. I was doing IT research yesterday and I came across Jeff Galloway's website. He suggests taking walk breaks beginning in mile 1 all the way through mile 18 of the marathon, apparently this is supposed to help you be able to push it in the last 8 miles and finish strong. The thing that gets me is that he suggests walking every 3 mins... so run for 3 minutes then walk for 1 minute.. from the beginning. That seems excessive to me. I could maybe see walking every mile or so, but every 3 mins seems like a lot. Apparently you only lose about 15-20 sec of time though and if you wait to walk until you feel like you need the break then it's too late. I am all for walking and I'm sure I will walk some in the marathon, but really.. every 3 mins seems like a lot especially at the beginning. Has anyone ever heard of this/tried it?? Thoughts?