Thursday already?!

Wow, I can't believe it's already Thursday. This week is flying by! Which is just fine with me... and I'm also a little pumped that February starts next week! 2011 is starting off great with a seemingly short January. And you know what I always say... the quicker we get to the other months that start with J, the better! ;-)

I really haven't had anything exciting to write about this week. Not that it's been a bad week or anything, just nothing really noteworthy to write about... so I thought I would share some other random photos we took last weekend.

Josh is doing some photo projects this year.. one is a personal "52 week" project where he takes a photo of himself each week for the whole year. This past weekend marked week 3 and he informed me on Sunday night that I had to go with him to take his photo. It was almost 9:00 (which is late for me because I'm geriatric) and I still had to make our lunches for the next day and finish other stuff, so I was all like ughh really right now? but since I'm a wonderful girlfriend, I obliged:)

We went to an over-pass and set up the camera and lights. It was super freezing cold and because I'm a genius I forgot my gloves. I was also still wearing my PJ pants which are not what we would call warm. So instead of the normal meticulous-ness that usually goes down in our photo shoots, it was more like let's shoot a few and hope one is good so we can get our butts back to the warm heated seats in the car.

So anyway, this is what we got.

Week Three
It's much like the time-lapsed photos we took over a year ago, only better because we have invested in a tripod since then and my B is in the photo:) Unfortunately, the traffic was kind of light and we didn't feel like waiting around for it to possibly pick up. But I still think it's cool.

He's also doing another 52 project with Last week the assignment was to take a portrait of a stranger.. my assistance was also requested for this one. So we drove around downtown forever looking for someone to photograph. There was no one at the park (shocking, since it was a balmy 20 degrees outside) and the only other people we saw were busy talking on their cell phones. So we finally decided on the newspaper guy.


That dude is out there on the corner 6 days a week selling papers, 12 hours on Sundays. Crazy.

So that's a little of what else we were up to last weekend. You can follow along with Josh's photo project on his blog.

I still have recipes to share I just haven't taken any pictures yet and pictures definitely make recipe posts better. check back soon!

Happy Thursday friends!