weekend goodness.

started off the weekend with a nice, cold 5 mile run yesterday morning.


it was like 15 degrees and "felt like" 8. i'm pretty sure that's the coldest weather i've ever run in. the IT band decided to be a jerk again, so i guess i am still at my 4.5-5 mile limit (i was hoping to pull off 7.) the marathon group did 9 miles and i was bummed i couldn't run with them... it was another 1/2 marathon training for me. ugh. i'm still confident that i can do the marathon... because that's what everyone keeps telling me. but i'll be honest, each week when the runs get longer and i get stuck at 5 miles, my confidence goes down a little. i met with a physical therapist after the run and she gave me lots of new stretches to do. if it doesn't get better soon, i guess i will break down and make an appointment with her! another girl in the group gave me the name of a sports massage therapist who worked on her IT band and helped it a lot, so i think i might try that out first (mostly b/c i love massages and it's probably cheaper than going to a physical therapist!)


yesterday was also josh's dad's birthday, so naturally i got a present!

20110123-IMG_9937i should probably learn to brush my hair on weekends. ugh.

awesome penguin gloves from josh's mom! i love them, for obvs reasons! thanks, BFF! i wore them all day today including when i went grocery shopping and on our family walk around the neighborhood (which was super short because it is super cold.)

lola in my jacket
it's hard to tell from the photo but baby lola was actually inside my jacket. it was a little chilly for her.

so yeah, birthdays are pretty fun around here..they usually involve food, cake, & ice cream. my kinda evening. we had the fam over for ribs, red velvet cake, and cookies 'n cream ice cream. 'twas delish.

birthday cakedoug had a new little friend.

this weekend we decided to start documenting lola's growth by taking a picture of her and kosmo every weekend. for "comparison" here are weeks 1 and 2.

weeks 1 and 2
ok, so it's a little hard to tell but from now on we'll take pictures more like this... week 3:

love love love our lola bear and kosmo-politan.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend. :):)