Why hello there marathon training group, nice to meet you. No, I am totally NOT freaking out about this journey we're about to go on*


training day 1Fleet Feet training group day 1. Stolen from Facebook.

Actually though, I'm not freaking out nearly as much as I thought I would be. At least not at the thought of training for a marathon. I guess it's because right now I'm not even sure if I can do it, and for once it's not because of the limitations I put on myself. This time it's due to my stupid IT band, which has decided it's not going to give me a break.

Jenn and I woke up bright and early and met at Fleet Feet this morning for our first official marathon training run! It snowed last night apparently, which canceled the Reindeer Romp race for the 2nd time (originally scheduled for Dec. 18th), but training was still on -- assuming it was safe for you to travel there. So we did.

And I felt like a hardcore runner.
Because it was 17 degrees.
Snow on the ground.
And most people were probably still in bed, or at the very least, not outside running.
But we were out there.

I opted to run 3 miles with the half marathon group instead of 6 with the marathon group. Considering 2.5 miles was my farthest run in the last month and I didn't want to make my IT band worse, plus the snow on the ground, I figured this was the smartest thing for me to do.

I learned that 2.5 miles is apparently my limit right now. Jenn and I ran 2 last night and it was fine, but after the 3 today it was killing.

I really hope I can get over this soon... I loved the running group and I'm excited about training for a marathon... 2 things I never thought I would say about myself! (I guess a bit has changed since a year and a half ago when I wasn't even comfortable running through my neighborhood and I would look for excuses not to run.) And I am going to be really bummed if this ends up holding me back from running a marathon.

If I have anything to say about it, The Lynn and Jenn Marathon Extravaganza (yes, we named it) WILL be taking place on April 30, 2011 -- mark your calendars!! (and say some prayers, please)