a cold february night in

all day long i was thinking about going to spin when i got off work yesterday... but by the time i got off i was super exhausted. something about getting up at 5:00am after not a full night's sleep (yeah, i totally jinxd it). plus my legs were sore from a killer lunges/squats work out on monday. obviously a work out was not happening so instead i curled up with a hummingbird and my children by the fire and watched the bachelor.

i know, i know... trashy reality tv. every season i say i'm not going to watch it but i always get sucked in. can you even believe that one of those girls told him she loved him? i don't know, i'm sure she thinks her feelings are real.. but the bachelor is not real life. i'm sure it's a lot easier to "love" someone when you're jet-setting around the world and go on all these extraordinary dates.

anywho. lola bear loved the fire and i can't say that i blame her.

man oh man i am tired.

i had the weirdest dream last night. it was actually kind of scary at the time but once i was recounting it to my mom this morning, it seemed kinda silly. i always wonder what dreams mean. this one was so weird and seemed to go on forever. it involved being chased...first me & my mom were being chased and then somehow me and josh started being chased and my mom was going to watch lola for us while we were being chased...????! ummm.... thanks mom for watching the puppy while josh and i run for our lives! you're the best!:)

anyway. that's about all i have today. maybe more later when i wake up a bit. maybe not.

need coffee.
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