Flashback Friday: Summer in Pittsburgh


This week's Flashback Friday takes us alllll the way back to the summer of 2006 when I spent 3 weeks in Pittsburgh with my best friend before moving off to Tennessee. Yes, if you've been following along, last week's Flashback Friday also featured my best friend, as did the week before. I feel as though she doesn't get enough face time on my blog (since she lives in TENNESSEE!!! maybe if she moved home she would get the amazing privilege of being on my blog more... just sayin' ;-))

Anywho. She had taken a job in Pittsburgh at a church summer camp and was living with her aunt and uncle. I love love love her aunt Lisa and all their kids! When I was there that summer they had 6 kiddos, and now they have 7 I believe. It was a pretty epic time and just what I needed that summer.

I will try not to bore with you details that I don't remember anyway about a 3 week long trip, but basically we...

Jumped!... a lot.


For whatever reason, one night in Pittsburgh we started jumping on the bed (middle photos) and took pictures of it.. because we're cool. After that we started jumping everywhere for the longest time... for like a year. We'd jump at Kappa Delta parties, when we went out to eat, anywhere we traveled... It was our "thing." Yes yes, we know, we're awesome.

Spent a day at a lake.


It was pretty cool. Fun and relaxing. We got to go tubing and played volleyball. I think this was also a couple days after I got there so it was fun for me to get to know everybody.

Ate at Steak 'n Shake.

steak n shake

And made ridiculous faces.


Took a road trip to Columbus, OH for a soccer game.


It was a pretty spur of the moment random road trip, but really those are the best kind. Columbus Crew vs LA Galaxy.

Saw Bon Jovi in concert!

bon jovi

We splurged $20 for the nose-bleed section, but it was an awesome time!!

Played with Kristen's cousins.


Mostly David and Calema, they loved us.

Hosted a dinner party.

dinner party

Photo on the left: Kristen, me, and Andrea. Andrea was our other roommate, and one of Kristen's co-workers.
Middle: me and Kristen with her aunt Lisa who is awesome!!!
Right: Kristen being Kristen.

The dinner party was fun and was one of the last things we all did as a group once camp was over.

Had an on-going rivalry with Derek about Texas.


Derek was another one of Kristen's co-workers who looooooved the USC Trojans... Kristen loooved Texas. I could care less either way about any type of sports, but being the best friend that I am I went along with the whole OMG Texas is WAY better!! thing. The picture on the right is us with Derek's jeep and was the very last photo we took before we hit the road on our way home. Nothing wrong with a little friendly rivalry, right?

So that, in a really small nutshell, was my 3 week trip to Pittsburgh in '06. Oh best friend, I miss our adventures!!! Let's go on another one really soon!