Flashback Friday: That time I moved to Tennessee.

What up, homies? It's actually Thursday right now but you don't know that because if all goes according to plan, this won't post until Friday morning...at which point I will be getting some Lasik done. You may remember that I actually had Lasik done back in June, but this is just an enhancement on one eye to make it a little bit more sharp than it did the first time. I'm not even super nervous about it like I was last time because I'm a pro now. And I'm actually pretty pumped about it because I have to take a 5 hour nap afterwards, doctor's orders. I will finally be able to catch up on some sleep and not feel guilty about it!! SWEET.

Anywho, I've been thinking all week about what to post for this week's Flashback Friday and I finally decided that I would tell y'all about the time I moved all the way to Tennessee. I started this blog about 7 months before I moved back home from TN after living there for 2 years, so only about 7 months of my TN journey is on the blog. So this is where it started.

That time I moved to Tennessee.

I graduated high school in '05 (I can't believe it's been almost 6 years!) and during my senior year my best friend Kristen (who needs to update her blog!!;)) and I had finally found a college that we both liked -- Union University in Jackson, TN (truth be told, we mostly picked it because everyone got their own bedrooms, it wasn't like a typical dorm. It was more like a teeny tiny apartment.) We visited the campus, applied, got accepted, and planned on going together. That was the plan the whole year.... until the end of the year. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I decided to stay home freshman year. Looking back, I could say that I regret that decision, but I know that everything happens for a reason and I try to live without regrets. Plus if I had gone that year, I'm sure my entire experience there would be totally different.

So a year later I packed up my life (which surprisingly all fit into the back of my aunt's minivan) and moved to Jackson in August 2006, to start my sophomore year of college at Union.

5422My mom & aunt Audrey helping me set up my room my 1st day there.

The drive is 5 hours. I can't even believe that I moved that far away from my mom. The longest I had ever been away from her was like 2 weeks and now I was moving 5 hours away without a definite time that I would see her again. Of course she was only gonna be a phone call away, but still.

Since all my roommates were returning students, they hadn't moved in yet because they didn't have to go through the orientation process... so I was home all alone the first couple of nights. It was weird and lonely and I wondered if I had made the right decision.

Especially when I noticed these in the apartment:
spider cricket
Spider crickets!!! We had an infestation. They are NASTY! I hate bugs and spiders anyway, but these things are on a whole different level. They are like big gross spiders that JUMP! We could not get rid of them! The maintenance guys would spray and spray and spray and they always came back. NASTY. One time one jumped into the shower with me and I jumped right out with shampoo on my head. It scarred me for life.

Anyway, once my friends were back on campus everything changed and I knew I had made the right decision! I have a lot of wonderful memories from Tennessee, especially my first semester there.

[just a few] 1st semester memories.
UU memories
  1. A couple days into the semester we celebrated Kourtney's birthday Mexican style! I loved how fast everyone just felt like such good friends.
  2. I joined Kappa Delta Sorority. Yes, 'tis true, I was a sorority girl.
  3. Slip & slide party! So much fun!
  4. Katy and I playing in the rain. It rained a lot in Jackson.
  5. Union didn't have a football team, we had a "futbol" team...soccer! And the games were a big deal.
  6. We had a lobster on our wall... because we were cool. Don't be jealous. His name was Larry.
  7. For the KD Halloween party (which had a ROCKSTAR theme) we went as the Village People (the police offer is not pictured) and it was the best costume ever.Everyone loved it. We even led the whole crowd in a rousing rendition of the YMCA.
  8. Totally random Labor Day weekend road trip!! It was amazing. This will probably be a Flashback Friday post in the future because it was that awesome.

Anyway, I definitely loved living in Tennessee. I met so many incredible people, a lot of whom are still my best friends to this day and I wish I saw them all way more often! I can't say that I ever saw it as my forever home (even though Kristen is still there!) but I did love it there.

Happy Friday!