Flashback Friday: A week with Orlando Bloom.

AKA the best week of our summer.

In July 2004 Kristen found out that the love of her life (Orlando Bloom) was going to be in town filming a new movie (Elizabethtown) ... so the search for Orlando began! Fun fact of the day: Elizabethtown was actually filmed mostly in Louisville, KY not Elizabethtown, KY.. only a few scenes were actually shot there!


The first night of our search was futile as we did not find Orlando, just this statue.

But a couple days later we had much better luck! We found out that they were filming at the Brown Hotel, so off we went.


We didn't get to meet Orlando this night, but we did get to meet his stand-in named John and a production assistant named Mike.

Us with John the stand-in

At first we didn't like Mike because we thought he was rude. When we asked to have our photo taken with John the stand-in, Mike invited himself to take a photo with us in a I'm so much better than you of course you want your picture taken with me sort of way.


But throughout the next week we realized he was actually nice and we became friends with him. He would tell us where they were going to be filming next and when we could expect to see Orlando or Kirsten Dunst. He also let me sneak onto the set to use the bathroom one night when we were out there all night and he brought us snacks and Red Bull.


The next night we met some other people who were hanging out hoping to see Orlando and we also finally got to meet Orlando!! Unfortunately they wouldn't let us take pictures with him, but we did get his autograph. He signed magazines, pictures, and the police tape we got that was blocking off the set, AND he signed... dun dun dun.... KRISTEN'S BUTT. Yes, that is right, my best friend got Orlando Bloom to autograph her dairy-aire.


The next night we took our stalker status up a notch and rented a room at The Brown. I had just turned 18, so I could do that now.. rent a hotel room.. so obviously we had to do it. Ironically, this was also the night that we were outside all.night.long. so we barely used our hotel room.


We did see Orlando in the elevator there once though, and accidentally took the elevator to the top floor and opened to a room where they were filming a scene. Oops! (we really didn't do it on purpose!) I think we got back to our room at like 4 or 5am so we slept a few hours there (on the most comfortable beds ever!!) before we had to check out.

It was an awesome week and a really neat experience to be there as a movie was being filmed! And to meet some celebrities. Orlando was really nice... he always made sure everyone got everything they wanted autographed (including back sides) and just seemed like an overall nice guy. Kirsten Dunst didn't seem to interact with fans as much.. I only saw her once.

We found some paparazzi pictures that included our new pal Mike which was funny!


And some other random pictures..


Top left: Orlando Bloom in front of The Brown Hotel.
Top right: some important guy on set
Bottom left: Some of our new friends with Cameron Crowe, the director.
Bottom right: Mike.

And that concludes this week's Flashback Friday... hope everyone has a wonderful, love-filled Valentine's Day weekend!!!!
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