I don't even know what to say.

Okay, so I was planning on telling you all about how totally perfect our Valentine's Day was.... because it seriously was. And I have the Watch Lola Grow pictures from this weekend ready. And there were a million other things I wanted to post about today... and I will at some point. But they all seem a little insignificant now because my world was rocked this morning and if you don't have any pets you might not understand.

My baby boy is missing. My mom let him out this morning at 1am to go potty and he hasn't been back since. I've been trying not to worry but let's be honest, as soon as she told me I broke down sobbing and it hasn't been much better since. I just can't help but wonder where he is (because I have no idea where he would even go!), if he's okay, if he's scared, what's going, what's happened to him. A little piece of my heart is missing.

You guys, I know he is old (almost 13), but it can't end like this. He can't just go missing. If something has happened to him, I need to know. If he's sick and wanted to go off and be alone to pass, I need to know. He can't just go missing one night never to be seen again. It will just kill me.


Like I said, if you're not an animal person and have never had any pets, you probably think I'm crazy. But Tobey and I grew up together. I was there when he was born. He was my favorite puppy out of the litter the whole time. We've been through so much together (over half of my life!!) and I feel sick to my stomach not knowing where he is.

If you're local and you see him, PLEASE contact me!!! If you don't have my number, e-mail me, Facebook me, Twitter me, etc.. it all goes to my phone so I'll get it immediately.

If you're not local, just pray.. even if you think I'm silly. That little guy is a member of our family (my mom seriously loves him more than she loves me!) and we miss him so much!! Thanks blog friends!!
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