Lasik, Graston, & The Packers

First of all, I wanna dedicate this post to my wonderful big brother Adam because today yesterday when I first started this post was his 30th birthday!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!
adam birthday[apparently I don't take pictures with my brothers individually, it is always all or nothing]

Anywho, my Lasik enhancement went well, thank you for asking.

It went much like the first time only a lot quicker because they didn't have to create the flap and it was only on one eye.

So yeah, just like that I now should have 20/20 AKA perfect vision! Afterwards I got to take a 5 hour nap and I won't lie I was looking forward to it all week. Hopefully my need for a nap will start decreasing soon because, I probably shouldn't tell you because I don't want to jinx it, but Lola has slept through the night the past 2 nights! So cross your fingers that this is a new permanent thing and not her playing games with us again!!

On Saturday morning bright and early I went and had some Graston and ART done to my leg (no Mom I did not get a tattoo!) in hopes of it miraculously healing my IT band. Not that it will matter now because I'm too far behind to try to do the marathon in April, but I'd at least like to do the half again! I can not tell a lie, it was painful and I'm pretty sure it could also be used as a form of torture or cruel & unusual punishment. I didn't cry though so I considered it a success... until Josh told me Dr. F goes easy the first time.. and I have to go back 3-4 more times. YAY!

Due to my 2 week running break, the Graston, and Lasik, I missed the Reindeer Romp 4k on Saturday :( It's the first race I've signed up for that I didn't get to run (except for the Frostbite 5k, but I sort of ran it...?) Anyway, kind of bummed but it was only 2.4 miles so not a huge loss.

And that brings us to your weekly Lola update...

Watch Lola Grow

Week 5 (12 weeks old)

Week 5 - 12 weeks old
20110206-IMG_0188Awww... it's almost like they're holding hands.

Compared to weeks 3 and 4:

watch lola grow
Looks like she's growing... and she should be, she is such a little piggy!!!

This weekend she also went to her very first Superbowl party. I think Josh and I are the only ones in the country that didn't really care about the game... we even cared less than the 12-15 year olds that were at the party we went to. Okay, that sounds weird... long story short, we went to my mom & Mark's party.

Go Packers?

Hope you all had fabulous weekends!