a new pair of legs.

Last week a girl in my running group, who has also struggled with ITBS, recommended these pants to me:
So even though I'm normally a super cheap person, these $100 pants have been purchased. Oh, except they were on sale for $64!! Score! I knew I had to get them when I saw they were 30% off. Glad I waited a few days :)

Oh, the things I do so I can run. I hope they live up to everything they claim to be. The reviews are awesome and it helps knowing someone that has them... apparently I won't ever want to run in anything else ever again. And they make your legs feel like spring boards. Awesome. Oh, and apparently they some how do the same stuff as kinesio tape for your IT band, hip flexors, knees, etc. So I mean I guess if you add up all the money I will save on kinesio tape and not ever having to buy any other running bottoms forever, $100 doesn't seem so bad... right? And even better when it was really $64 :)

Can't wait til they get here.

I have gotten a few questions about what to do about ITBS from other people struggling with it, so I'll let you know if these pants are worth it. From what I hear, they are magic! Let's hope...
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