Now back to our regularly scheduled Valentine's Day post.

Tobey has been found!!!!! Oh man, I feel like I can breathe again. He was found several miles from home at an ice cream shop.. he sure does take after his momma! Or as Josh said, maybe he was just looking for me! ;-) My mom is going to pick him up here in about an hour, but apparently he is doing just fine and isn't harmed or anything... thank you God!!!


So, now I feel like I can post about our Valentine's Day without bursting out in tears at any given moment. So here goes.

Josh took me out for dinner -- I knew we were going somewhere, but I didn't know where. Lola had a vet appt after I got off work and by the time we got home, I had about 20 minutes to get ready. I am usually pretty low maintenance and quick when it comes to getting ready but since it was a bit warmer outside I decided to wear a skirt so I had to also shave my legs! I was still ready to go with about 5 minutes to spare though... score 1 for me.

valentinesskirt - BCBG; shirt - A'Gaci; cardigan - Target; heels - Steve Madden.

Can I just say that I've only seen Josh wear an outfit that involved a tie 3 times...and they were all at weddings! So I was pretty excited that he was wearing a tie on a date with me!

So off we went to our 6:45 reservation at Asiatique.

I'd never heard of it and upon seeing the menu I was kind of nervous because I only knew what about every other food was in each item's description. They had a special Valentine's Day menu going on but you got 4 courses... a salad, an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. So I picked my salad by the one that was less spicey, my appetizer because it had goat cheese in the description, my entree because I saw the words "pork tenderloin" and my dessert was chocolate... can't go wrong there!

So they brought the salad and it was delicious! (and I'm a horrible blogger and I did not take any pictures of any of the food. I had my camera but our table was right up next to 2 other tables and I felt like people would look at me funny if I took pictures of my food since we were in a fancy restaurant!)

Then they brought the appetizers. I have no idea what mine was... I just know it had goat cheese in it... and OMG it was like heaven. Little rolled up crunchy things of goat cheese heaven with some delicious dipping sauce. I told Josh he shouldn't bring me to fancy places because I don't know how to behave there or how to eat the food. To me it looked like finger food and I was all ready to just pick 'em up and start dippin' but Josh told me I should cut them into pieces and use my fork like a civilized human being.

Then the entrees came... my pork tenderloin with some sauteed veggies and some mushy purple stuff. I was skeptical of the purple stuff but I tried it and it was amazing! At the end the manager came by to ask how everything was and I said, "Umm.. there was something that came with my meal as a side but it's gone now and I was just wondering what it was?" I think he said they were Peruvian potatoes?? but I'm not sure. They were some type of potato and they were delicious. He gave me some extra when he boxed up my food. Can't wait to have it for dinner tonight! :)

Dessert was basically a huge piece of chocolate pie cake.

Then they brought the check... and along with it a rose. How sweet! Then they brought us some chocolate covered strawberries.. how did they know those are my favorite! It was like dessert for our dessert.

Over all it was the perfect date! And I wasn't even stuffed afterwards... just pleasantly full even after 4 courses. It was so much fun to get dressed up and go out on a "real" date and spend time with my B. Thank you so much, Josh!! I loved it so much!!!

I mentioned Lola's vet appt, so I'll go ahead and post her weekly photos....

Watch Lola Grow - taken on 2/13/11 - week 6 - 13 weeks old

Week 6 - 13 weeks old

watch lola grow
Kind of hard to tell a difference because her ears are down... but little piggy weighed SEVEN WHOLE POUNDS at her vet appt yesterday, compared to 4.7 lbs three weeks ago (picture 1). She is getting way too big!!! She did SO GOOD with her shots too, she didn't even cry. I think they hurt me more than they hurt her!

Welp, after this whirlwind of emotions day, I can't wait to work it out in spin class tonight! It's also mine and Josh's 18th monthiversary AND pizza night! I also think I will be giving Tobey a little extra squeeze tonight, and then putting him on a 5ft leash whenever he has to go potty!! Thanks for all your comments, texts, & messages of concern and support earlier... they truly mean a lot!

Happy Tuesday... love on your animals (and/or your family for that matter!!!)