there are many things more important in life than clean underwear.

20110219-IMG_0186playing around in the studio. ignore my schmexy double chin.

hi hi hi!!!

hope your weekend has been wonderful. mine's still going... got tomorrow off, which will more than likely be used as a day to finish up the cleaning that got pushed to the side this weekend for more important things. not that clean underwear isn't important, but it just falls by the wayside when you can do other things, like...

go for a run with your mom (!!!!).

yeah, we did. okay, maybe it was more like a walk/jog, but whatevs. the weather was beautiful and we were out there moving. she came over, we took the dogs for a walk around the block as our warm-up and then walk/ran 2 miles. it has been 22 (!!!!) days since i've run so i'm starting off slowly.. and running with my mom forces me to not push myself since she walk/runs. because let's face it, as much as i have hated (hated!) this IT band thing and am paranoid about making it worse, it's gonna take everything i have in me not to try and jump right back into running like i was before.

the triple crown starts this coming weekend with a 5k and i was really hoping to be able to do all 3 races and PR 'em all by like a minute-per-mile (ha ha ha, yeah i have big dreams), but ain't no way i could run a 5k this coming weekend.. at least not safely or to the point of a PR. so, i'm skipping the 5k and thus will miss out on the extra t-shirt you get for running all 3 races (boo!) but... BUT... my mom signed up to do the 10k with me!!!!!!!!!

woohoo! woohoo!!

i am so super excited!! she has never done a 10k, i still get to do a race, and i will be doing it with my mom just for fun! no pressure for a PR, just a fun little 6.2 mile run with my momma! we are gonna have a blast.. march 12th. can't wait. i'm hoping i can also do the 10 miler and then the half marathon, but we'll just have to wait & see.

20110218-IMG_0136this is what happens when you ask your photographer boyfriend to take a photo of you and your gorgeous mom. you hand him the camera and he forgoes is usual meticulous self and just snaps a photo without even looking through the viewfinder. thanks, b, thanks.. best photo ever. i's gonna frame it.

speaking of running, my coach (aka josh) gave me the go-ahead to run 2 whole miles without stopping today!!! it was awesome and horrible all at once.

for the first mile and a half it was amazing. i felt like my old self.. even though it was cold and rainy and i was running directly into the wind (which are conditions i usually hate), i was so happy. and then i started to feel a slight twinge in my leg... and i promised myself i'd stop the second i felt anything. so i did. and ughh it was so frustrating. i walked for awhile and then tried running again just to make sure it wasn't in my head.. and unfortunately, it wasn't. so i walked another .75 mile or so to my destination and called it a day. frustrating, but felt good to get back out there even if it was short-lived.

so yeah. other things that take precedence over clean underwear?


somebody (i won't name names but it starts with a j and ends with an osh) has been all about some cheeseburgers lately. you can tell because i'll call him and he answers phone by saying, and i quote, "cheeseburgers!!!".... or his current facebook status says, I don't think I could ever be a zombie. I love cheeseburgers too much! or like right before valentine's day when i said, hey if i were to make a romantic dinner to be eaten by candlelight, what meal would you prefer? thinking he'd be all like steak! or something fancy... no. cheeseburgers was the answer. i think cheeseburgers is the answer to everything around here.

so we went to five guys and had some burgers friday night. muy romantico.

other things that were enjoyed instead of the cleaning of the underroos?
  • a family nap on saturday afternoon. it lasted 2.5 hours for me (and a little less for everyone else.) i apparently really needed it and i felt so much better afterwards!!! i made the comment last night as were coming home from dinner with friends, that it was 9:00 and i wasn't even tired! maybe the nap had cured my geriatric-ness?! no,once we got home and i put on my super comfy penguin pj's, i was dead to the world by 9:30.
  • pizza with friends (as mentioned above.) we tried a new (to most of us) place called tony boom bozz with a big group of friends. delicious pizza with a horrible waitress. still a good time :)
  • ICE CREAM for lunch!!! oh yeah! we headed to our favorite ice cream shop (ironically, the one tobey was found at!) but they were closed.. so we headed to our 2nd favorite, zesto's.. where we had our 2nd date way back in the day (aww!) i tried to be "healthy" and got peanut butter frozen yogurt (it was either that our a huge peanut butter cyclone!!) and josh got a cyclone with reese's pb cubs and upside down pineapple cake... it was interesting.
lola bear has been growing, which is also more important than clean underwear. she is pretty much the sweetest thing ever and i think i love her more and more every single day. yesterday she rang the bell twice by herself to go outside and potty. i think she is finally starting to understand that potty outside = good and potty inside = bad. she is also super close to being able to jump up on the couch and it kind of makes me sad.

Week 7 - 14 weeks old
watch lola grow.. week 7... 14 weeks old. the first picture we took (above) was actually the best.

in the 2nd one she did that cute little head-turn thing.

and then by the 3rd photo she decided she was done.

photoshoot over.

exit stage right.

and just like that it was over.
normally we end up with enough that we could wallpaper the house with kosmo & lola photos.
but just 3 this week.
oh well. we really only need 1 anyway.

week 3, 5, 7
i've had a few questions about the watch lola grow photo set-up, so i shall show you.

set up
basically it's two alien bee 800's and two boston terriers on a seamless white background. AB800 #1 is shot through a softbox and lights up the boston terriers, AB800 #2 is shot through an umbrella and lights up the background.

phew. i started this post at 8:38 this morning...and since then, we have totally deep-cleaned the house with round 1 of spring cleaning. and by the house i just mean the main level. which is ironic since the title of this post suggests that i didn't clean today. but i did. for like 8 hours straight. and after i told my mom what all we did it didn't even sound like much (shampooed the carpet, steam mopped the hardwoods, ALL the laundry -- even the underwear, and cleaned the bathrooms) but it took all day long. we did move all the furniture and actually clean under it too, which is why it took so long. and it will be dirty again in like 2 days... but for now, i feel great. i love a clean house.

dinner from applebees carside to go and i am ready for bed. exhausted. goodnight!