Valentine's Day... weekend.

It started on Friday. I wanted to make Josh a Valentine's dessert and since I had to run to my mom's house to pick up Tobey anyway, I decided to make it there so that it'd be a surprise. Unfortunately, this "surprise" ended up making me get home about an hour and a half late to a boyfriend who was about to eat dinner without me! Luckily, I brought some Valentine's cookies to make it all better! He said I should have just told him... but that would ruin the surprise! Duh!



We also went ahead and opened presents because we're impatient and couldn't wait.

Oh wait...

That's a Christmas bag! ;-) I saw it at Target around Christmas and meant to use it but never had anything that would fit in it! So, it gets used for Valentine's Day... whatev :)

We had a good weekend..
  • got lots of stuff done around the house!
  • the weather was AWESOME... 61 degrees! can't WAIT for spring!!
  • dinner at La Bocca with our friends Pat & Sheri on Saturday night... good time with friends, but horrible dining experience at the restaurant .. not recommended.
  • had my bi-weekly grocery date with my momma this weekend. I always look forward to these.. love her so much!
  • it was short (like 10 seconds), and I was standing on his feet, and there was no music, but I feel it must be noted that Josh "danced" with me in the kitchen this weekend! and I loved every second of it... :)
Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite Valentine... the handsome Mr.B!

my valentine

I love you!!!
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