Wordless(ish) Wednesday - Ice Cream Addiction

Tell me what you notice about this photo.

I'll tell you what I notice...

There is a GINORMOUS tub of my fave cookies 'n cream ice cream right next to me and I am totally leaning over to it as if it as some sort of automatic pull on me. It's as if when there's ice cream within 5ft it casts a spell on me and draws me into it. It is true, I do love my ice cream. Maybe a little too much, that's why I don't keep it stocked in the freezer at home. If I did, I would probably eat it for every single meal and then some.

[photo is from Josh's dad's birthday party a couple weekends ago. His sister Mandy tagged me in it on Facebook a couple days ago]

Edited to add: These are the comments on the photo on Facebook. They make me laugh. Hard. I love Josh's family.

Me: i look excited!!!
Mandy (Josh's sister): You are! We are getting ready to have CAKE!!!
Me: and ICE CREAM!!!!
Mandy: haha, Lynda [Josh's mom] looks like she is hallucinating and grabbing stuff out the air! lol
Kathy (Mandy's mom): What are you talking about, I want what Lynda was having, she looks really spaced out; and Josh looks like he is saying "Oh No you didn't" Lynn is just ready for the Ice Cream
Lynda (Josh's mom): FYI I was in a " I want cake and ice cream" stupor and was trying to grab it out of the air.

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