1 week.

Sometimes I feel like I only write about the happy things that happen, which are true but they aren't the whole story. It's not that I try to hide how I really feel when I have bad days, it's just that they aren't as fun to write about.

Today I am feeling a little bummed... pessimistic, if you will. So far I feel like if there's anything I'm supposed to learn in 2011 it's that things don't always go as planned. DUH, right? I already knew this, but I think 2011 is completely reiterating that fact. Want to train for a marathon? Sure go ahead, but NO it's not happenin', at least not when you want it to. Want a Shamrock Shake on St. Patty's Day? NONE FOR YOU. And uh, do I even have to mention the whole Tobey thing?

It's been a week today. This day last week was definitely the hardest day I've had all year (probably the last few years even). I do feel better today but maybe that's why I just feel blah over all even though I'm trying not to think about it. (Who am I kidding, I'm writing about it so obvs I'm thinking about it.)

I just feel like I have so much that I want to do this year... girls trip with Cousin, set up my office, grow a garden, run a marathon, throw a party/game night/cookout with friends & family, go sky diving, see my TN friends, go to Chicago, do a triathlon, start scrapbooking again, etc... and I feel like I can't get there. Balls are in motion but I feel like they're hitting brick walls.

Maybe it's only fitting that such an awesome year would be followed up by a not-so-great one. Not that this year is awful or there aren't fun things in store, I know we're only two and a half months in. That's just how I feel today but I'm sure my normal optimistic self will return again soon. She's just out of the office today because one week post losing her dog is a not-so-great day, for sure.


Hope you all are having better Fridays than me.