a big ole bunch of random :)

ughh.. i made this post all pretty with different colors and fonts but blogger is being lame and they are not showing up! so just imagine it's not all boring font, ok?

first things first, it's my favoritest cousin alyssa's 27th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo from before her wedding last april. i was in the middle of getting my hair done, i don't normally look like george washington just fyi.

happy birthday, cousin!!!!! hope it is wonderful!!! xoxoxo

glad we all successfully made it past monday and have moved right on in to tuesday. my work out yesterday ended up not being spin class. i got off early and instead of waiting a few hours for spin, i decided to hit the gym on my way home and get it out of the way and then bonus, i could accompany josh to the vet for our fur-babies' appointments. i really wasn't sure what i would end up doing at the gym since it's been so long since i've done anything besides a class of some sort. i figured i'd do the elliptical but i was pretty sure i wouldn't last more than 5 minutes on it. i ended up doing 30 minutes on the ellipical (with some help from ellen degeneres -- she made the time fly by!) with random hill intervals then did some abs with the medicine ball and foam rolled like a good girl then called it a day.

off to the vet we went. lola weighs a whopping 8.8 pounds now (which means she has more than doubled in size since we got her!!!) and kosmo has done a fantabulous job of maintaining his weight at 17.3 for the past year. surprised he hasn't lost any since lola likes to eat all his food.

anywho. i have nothing more to say. so how 'bout some photos?

i've seen this floating around the blogosphere and thought it looked fun, so i am joining in! let me know if you do it on your blog.. i would love to check it out! who doesn't love photos?

30 photos

01. someone you spend a lot of time with.

i guess that would have to be josh. i spend most of my non-working awake hours with him. i was going to post a photo of myself, because really, who do i spend more time with than myself? no one. but the next one is a photo of myself so you know, i didn't want to over do it with beautiful photos of myself. i wonder how many times i can say 'photos of myself' in this paragraph?

02. a photo of yourself.

i'm scurry. don't mess with me, yo.

03. a random photo of you and your significant other.

he's with me for my sexy bod. clearly.

04. a picture of something that makes you happy.


penguins make me happy!! especially when i get to play with them!

05. an old picture of you.

circa 2006

06. a picture of your siblings.

Eric & Adam

my big brothers are awesome!!!

07. a picture you've never posted on your blog before.

me and my friend taylor. josh took this during a photo shoot we were doing of her and her family last september.

08. a picture of someone you miss.

me and dad-polaroid

my daddy. every single day.

09. a picture of people who knew you now and then.


not sure when "then" is, but these people have known me for my whole life. minus merideth (green shirt). she's my cousin's wife so i suppose she's only known me as long as they've been together... which is a long time anyway. and of course gabi (the baby) but whatever.

10. a picture of your favorite place.


home... not the mailbox. i have a weird thing about posting house pics on the internetz but you get the idea.

11. a person you can tell anything to.

monkies on the bed

my momma. i can (and do) tell her everything.

12. a picture of your everyday life.


13. a picture from a place you love.

negril, jamaica.

14. a picture that reminds you of great times.


just one of my many great memories from college/living in tennessee.. being the village people for kappa delta's rockstar halloween party. it was awesome.

15. a class photo.


class of 2005. some of my best friends from high school. we called ourselves the wafia.

16. a picture of the best day of your life.


well, i'm not married and don't have kids so i can't pick those days, so i suppose i'll go with easter 2010. the day josh first told me he loved me :)

17. a picture that always makes you laugh.


i mean it just does.

18. a picture of your spare time.


oh running, i miss you.

19. a photo from a great night.

dancing with josh at a bonfire on the beach in jamaica. pretty great night :)

20. a picture of people who are closest to you.


the mom and the boy (and the bff - pictured below)

21. a picture of someone you always have a good time with.

ahhh it's my birthday!

22. a picture of your parents when they were (around) your age.

umm don't have one of these on my computer. how 'bout this one?

my mom isn't pictured but she would have been about my age when it was taken. and my dad was about josh's age there. okay, a few years older but whoa that's kinda weird.

23. a picture from last summer.

canoein' it up at the farm.

24. a picture of your closest friend of the opposite sex (not your partner).

so most of my guy friends these days are josh's friends. we hang out with ryan (and his gf heather) a lot and i frequently call ryan josh's bff.

25. a picture of you on your favorite vacation.

oh man, i don't know if i have a favorite vacation. i love almost everywhere i've been for different reasons. so i'll pick one that i haven't posted on the blog before..


in 2007 i went to turkey with a group from school to lead a childrens' camp. it was one of the hardest but most rewarding trips i've ever been on. plus getting to visit ephesus was probably one of the coolest things i've ever done and one of the most amazing places i'll ever go.

26. a picture of an accomplishment.


running my first half marathon last april. proudest moment of my life thus far. never thought i could do it.

27. a picture of your closest friends.

Memphis 078

these girls are some of my best friends and unfortunately they ALL live in tennessee :( (i guess that would not make them my closest friends, huh?) i generally do okay and then after i see them i am left wondering how on earth i function without them. i do have some wonderful friends here at home though... but those are my girls.

28. a random picture from a photo booth.


29. a picture that makes you smile.


30. a picture of someone you will never let go of.

i love hugs!!!!!!!!! like a lot. josh is always telling me to let go of him.

happy tuesday!!!!!