Flashback Friday: Most Epic Road-Trip Ever

I haven't done a Flashback Friday in awhile and with nothing else to write about, I thought it was a good time to do another one.

P.S. To make me feel better about the forecasted snow for this weekend, I put up a new spring layout on the blog! So if you're reading through Google Reader, feel free to stop by and check it out! (photos were taken last Easter, I'll update with some newer ones when we take some.. which will be whenever the snow is gone)

So, this week's Flashback Friday takes us back to Labor Day weekend of 2006.


I had just moved to Union and while I had kind of gotten to know a few of Kristen's friends, I still pretty much only knew her. Since it was a long weekend, a lot of students either went home for the weekend (even though school had only started a week earlier), or went on some sort of trip. Basically, campus was empty. Kristen had gone to Arkansas for a football game (there was a boy involved) so I was left behind with a bunch of girls I didn't really know. At about 1:00am that Saturday morning, we were all lamenting about how everyone was gone and we wanted to go somewhere, too.

Somehow, while browsing the internets, we found out that the World's Largest Fork was in Springfield, MO and it was decided then and there that we were going to take a road trip to see it in the morning. And so the most spontaneous road trip ever was born.

After a bit more research we discovered that the World's Smallest Cathedral, the World's Largest Ball of Twine, and the World's Largest Banjo were also along our route. We headed out bright and early... me, Katy, Stephanie, and Kourtney. Once we made it to Missouri, we realized we weren't far from the Kansas/Oklahoma border so of course we had to stop there to say we'd been to those states. On the way home, Stephanie (our navigator) decided that Arkansas didn't look that far away on the map, so we adjusted our route to include a stop there, except it ended up being like 12 hours out of the way. Those maps are tricky!

Stephanie and I quickly bonded over our shared love of penguins. She loves them almost as much as I do!



Behold! THE FORK! It was actually kind of hard to find, and when we stopped and asked (several different) locals for directions, most of them had no idea what we were talking about. How can you have the World's Largest Fork in your town and not know it?!?!?


It was pretty much the most epic road trip ever (hence the title). We saw everything we wanted to.. except the World's Largest Ball of Twine.. it was in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum in Branson, MO and we thought it was too expensive. We ended up going to the wax museum and saved a whole dollar. But hey, when you're a poor college kid, that dollar is kind of a lot.

So yeah, even though it was the most random/last minute road trip ever, it was probably my most unforgettable one. Here I was, I'd just moved 5 hours away to TN (this was a big deal to me, I am SUCH a mommy's girl haha) on this trip with all these girls I barely knew. My new life in Tennessee was turning out so adventurous already! And guess what? Those girls are some of my best friends to this day.

I highly recommend spontaneous road trips. Seriously, the best.